Singapore’s ex-leaders write off political rival’s huge debt from defamation case


Mercy, or just a tactical move?  South China Morning Post:

Prominent Singapore opposition leader Chee Soon Juan has been discharged from bankruptcy, the government said, after an unprecedented concession by two former prime ministers to whom he owed about S$500,000 (HK$3.2 million).

Ex-prime ministers Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong agreed to accept a reduced amount of S$30,000 from Chee, which will free him from bankruptcy proceedings formally on Friday, a statement by the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office said.

Chee, the firebrand leader of the Singapore Democratic Party, was declared bankrupt in 2006 after he failed to pay S$500,000 in court-ordered damages to Lee and Goh. The two had sued him for defamation for comments he made against them during the 2001 general elections.

The development means Chee, 50, will be able to travel outside the country freely and also contest the next elections, which are due in 2016. Still, some commentators saw the concession by Lee and Goh as a political manoeuvre – allowing Chee to contest the elections could split the fragmented opposition’s votes further at a time when the ruling People’s Action Party has lost much support because of rising prices and an influx of foreigners.

“It could be that Lee Kuan Yew has mellowed, but it’s hard to believe that he has changed because it doesn’t fit his character,” said respected political commentator and former newspaper editor P.N. Balji.

“The other possibility could be to ‘muddy the waters’, especially for the coming general elections. Chee’s party and the [other opposition] Workers’ Party do not see eye to eye and there might be a split in votes for the opposition.”

Lee, modern Singapore’s founding father, and Goh have frequently and successfully sued opposition leaders and other critics for defamation. A report published by Human Rights Watch in January criticised the country for resorting to charges of contempt of court, criminal and civil defamation as well as sedition to rein in its critics.

And new readers may find some background helpful.


8 Responses to “Singapore’s ex-leaders write off political rival’s huge debt from defamation case”

  1. 1 Observant Citizen

    LKY is no longer relevant in today’s world and deserves to be ignored.

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    Nokia will still be around when Iphone dies next year. Samsung will be a leader for the near future but Dragon Phone coming on line in 2016 will beat every brand in the market now.

    LKY will be relevant until his death bed for he still have support now but his son support is all gone when his mother died for she was her only support. It was his mother that approved of the Casinos but LKY had to give supports on the order of his wife – WHY – henpacket? If i m wrong please correct me Mr. Lee Kuan Yew or maybe your son LHL likes to answer ME?

  4. 4 glume

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  5. Look at the photo in the press of LHL, his face sunken and made a comments that is out of contact.

    It should be Right POLICIES and not right politices. LKY start his policies more than 50 years ago and many are still releavate and GCT carries on with some improvements and when GST was increase, he gave rebate of $600 to each household. In one of those year when a mistake was make and we complained, he immediately rectifice it and we all get the $600.

    LHL is very clever by bluffing us that he gave to indiviual in a household. So when a household have 3 persons, we got only $200 as the other members cannot get their money as this money is given only to offset household and we only have 1 house hold. Now where thus the balances of the money goes to???

    The policies that were started and a big hu-har was the CEA and Employment Agency act to suck our agents money and ask us to spend unneccessary money taking useless courses and mind you we have labour shortage. WE pay through our nose for the fees and insurance policies and we are only allowed to get this policies through appointed agents which have never been the case with the last 2 PMS

    A agent have to spend about 18 hours to get the CPU but these course is nonsence to US. I have been only doing RENTAL for the last few years in private properties only but is force to take other courses which have no benefits to me..

    Few year back I left the insurance industry because these policies was introduce and found it just stupid of the new policy. There are about 5 pages in the than insurance, now you have to sign a whole book just to buy an insurance.

    LKY is trying to plant trees to save the EARTH but all these new policies need 3 or 4 times more paper work and waste allot of papers for no good reasons at A11? Unless someone can explains in details why these are neccessary.

    Almost all ministries and government link departments out-sources their work and these out sources worker always do not know what they are doing???

    Recent example when i leave the airport, the police check my boarding pass and passport followed by immigration which was the usual case. Now after immigration there was another check by police again – what FOR – please tell us WHY???

    Recently the outpatent fee was increase and now there is another counter that check you medicine chit before giving it to the Medicine dispencers, WHY is this neccessary – we paid the increases to get more staff in this time of labour shortage???

    AT CWC there is always 1 cisco guard and now there are 2 after the price increases, are we paying the extras now for the cisco guards or the CWC now have many violent cases and extra security is now needed in this labour shortage situation???

    Now LHL are these policies or POLITICS??? Kindly explains as what were just mentioned is only a tip of the icebreg???

  6. 6 LY Lim

    Excerpt from LHL Facebook

    Chong Kok Kean Dear PM Lee, my wife managed to shake your hands this morning at Boon Keng MRT and she called me while I was still working to inform me this big news! Ha… I was told by her some aunties next to her mentioned our PM is not only capable but also very handsome too…. Good for you, Sir. We have the most capable PM in the world with most of the citizens strongly behind you.

    12 • Yesterday at 6:45am via mobile

  7. She was excited to shake a dieing mans hand, because if not done now it will never be done?
    Tells me all the good and capable things that were DONE? HE was handsome alright because may;be the hand shaker have an urgly hasband?

  8. To get some of the info that were mentioned are easy, just go to the POLY clinics as it is still going on or visit the Airport.

    Try buying an insurance now and see the tons of paper you have to sign………….?

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