Singapore well-placed to ride on China’s growth, says Lee Kuan Yew


CNA, with video:

Singapore’s former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said that the country is well-placed to ride on China’s growth.

And while Singaporeans have a distinct advantage given their ability to read, write and speak both English and Mandarin, it does not mean they fully understand the Chinese culture.

Speaking at the Business China Awards on Wednesday night, Mr Lee said no two countries share the same culture.

He cited his own experience in learning from his foray into Suzhou and Tianjin.

Mr Lee said Singaporeans are westernised but the Chinese are not, but by being bicultural, Singapore, he noted, can reach deeper inside China to understand its growth story.

Mr Lee said: “For us we follow the rule of law. For them, an agreement is the beginning of a long friendship in which we make adjustments as we go along.

“Considering what is fair, and that makes for a misunderstanding at the beginning but we soon adjusted and we realise that in China, we do business the Chinese way which means we sign an agreement and it’s the beginning of a long friendship.”


8 Responses to “Singapore well-placed to ride on China’s growth, says Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. LKY is great teacher to me although i have only met him once in 1957 when he campaign for the 1st time to become our future PM. He have done many right things and some wrong things. His Rights have benefited Singapore and many of our fellow Asians. Now, i think these 3 were some of his Wrongs – the second language policy which he admitted and donated 12M to right his wrong. He never donate his own money but like to donate Others monies before the last 12 M and he approved the buildings of the Casinos when his SON asked him.

  2. 2 Calm Citizen

    Still waiting for the old toad to choke on his own venom.

  3. I second what Calm Citizen said. Lee Kuan Yew pronounced: ‘leak on you’ needs to stop trying to be an Asian hitler

  4. 4 Hopeful Citizen

    A post LKY era brings hope to aggrieved citizens that the idiots in power may at last be identified and discredited.

  5. Patrick: Great teacher to you? I hope you did not learn all those gangster politics from him.

  6. 6 Ciaran

    Mr Lee said: “For us we follow the rule of law. For them, an agreement is the beginning of a long friendship in which we make adjustments as we go along.

    No defamation suites for them in that case.

  7. 7 LY Lim

    Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    I have recently visited my motherland and find the economy of China to be robust and the people take pride to blend modern practices and technologies with traditional customs.

    I guess we can learn to do old business in a slightly new way as well.

    I wish you a blessed Christmas.

  8. Just came back from a holiday cum business trip to explore and it was money well spent. Hainan, Zhongshan, HK and Taiwan.

    My 1st stop Haikou where my 2 girlfriends who worked in Singapore before became my guild. To my surprise, they check me into a 5 stars resort hotel belonging to BIG S family for R1,500/night. The bigger surprises to follow.

    We were check into 1 room and the next suppose to be ready by 2 pm but after our Lunch it is still not ready.

    The buffet lunch was good, but it was like Singapore – no cleaners to cleanup the tables. When we return for dinner, the other room still no ready – not enough chambermaid to do the job.

    Have you ever imagine that CHINA is short of workers?

    This is the reason, The county folk have become rich overnight, and not working is an option. So if you have money but prefer not to work in China. WHERE will the FT to come to work in China.

    China is in a dangerous situation now if the leaders did not see it – I did, getting RICH overnight will be a nightmare to them???

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