An overflowing cup of praise for Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew


No word from Lee lately.  Meanwhile, a scathing book review in the Vancouver Sun:

If Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father and at 89 still the “Minister Mentor” of his patrimony, feels he has been maligned in speech or print he is always swift to bring charges of criminal libel or slander.

And Singapore’s judges, always so fair and trustworthy when dealing with civil cases on which the Lion City’s reputation as a business hub depends, have a long record of putting an extremely high valuation on the reputation of the man whose benevolent shadow still shelters his five million subjects.

But Graham Allison and Robert Blackwill, both American academics and former Washington officials, need have no fear that their new book on Lee’s pithy analysis of global trends will land them with bankrupting fines or prison terms as has happened to other commentators on the record of the Minister Mentor.

The title of this book – Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World – gives a warning that we are entering a realm not of context, analysis and assessment but of hagiography. …

If the introduction creates an unreal world of flamboyant ego-stroking, once the reader finally gets to the words of the Grand Master himself things get seriously weird. …

The chapters are presented as Lee’s responses to interview questions, and Allison and Blackwill did have some interviews with the Minister Mentor for the preparation of this book.

But Lee’s responses have been cobbled together from numerous published interviews with several journalists as well as extracts from his own speeches and writings. …

As for the content, there are no big surprises.


8 Responses to “An overflowing cup of praise for Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. LKY is our 1st PM on independence Day and my respects always go to HIM.
    We need books written about him by people who knows him and not by outsiders who live at a distant land and is bias.
    What we have today is started by him 50 years ago and many of his ideas are still reliance BUT the worries is his sick son may destroy it.

  2. 2 LY Lim

    Indeed my respect to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew as well, and I think it is alright for foreigners to write about him too. There are many books out there on famous and powerful people written by foreigners catering to different ethnic, political and cultural groups.

    And yes, he deserves it. Just look at Suzhou Industrial Park, China, the impact Mr. Lee Kuan Yew left behind is still being felt very strongly amongst the locals.

    His son, our PM Lee Hsien Loong, is also working very hard to serve the nation. He is ready to consult the citizens and consider our feedbacks and suggestions. I am confident he will do a good job.

  3. PM is working hard for a different reason as his dad LKY have already built Singapore for what it is today. World class in many things and i have lost count.

    While PM thinks that he can betters it in his doing as a PM leading us forward. No way he can do it because his dad did it top down but PM wants to save money to proof to his dad by going bottom up and that is why the miscommunication between the Ministries now and overlooking of papers to be presented in parliament and making apology during the debate and still it is adopted.

    He pretended he is listening in Facebook for he only listen to what he think is right, but have he told us what went wrong with White Paper. He only said that he should have done better which any leader will said when they realize their mistakes.

    Please get your rest PM and let a new HEALTHY man tries his hand at this difficult game of running a successful country like Singapore.

    This is just a simple observation by a no longer young citizen who does not wants to go down the drain when Orchard gets flooded again.

  4. What happened at Suzhou ?

  5. Suzhou is in China and is still there?

  6. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes which will make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  7. These are the changes we should be looking forward to:-
    LHL steps down and have a healthy man runs the show. You are two sick and should rest at home and invite your son-in-law home often and ask him to make a grandson for you soon before it is TOO late.
    When these happen, we Singapore will be back to the GOOD old days when Ministries will be efficient and civil servants answers our question instead of giving such replies – out of office and will answer in 3 days – BUT the 3 days never come OR not contactable now as I have no access to internet……….etc

    This is how the PAP (pay and pray/prey) make money. Getting LTA foreign labour riding around the Whole of Singapore especially out lining area and wait for their prey to commit TRAFFIC offences – easy money RIGHT.

    Remove most dustbin from especially the but stops and MRT and Bus terminal so that when you can’t find a place to throw you waste.
    Maybe the White Clothed men is standing nearby to write you and tickets and Press reported that WE are no more Clean because more and more are littering???

  8. Landragon have a ENGLISH call Clown whereas LKY’s is called Crown as he is a trained and famous lawyers to bring those whose he did not like to COURTS and after convictions make them paid large sum of money and he ‘Donate’ to Charities.

    These DONATIONS is SINS money as it is no his own money that he make as a lawyer or a PM.

    When he realied his mistakes, HE Donated $12 Million to an Educational FUNS to make jokes for himself but did not realised that it was this donation that extended his LIFE???

    That is why there are cafe shop talks or he call it rumours that he will out lives one of his younger member of his family???

    Whereas his son is using connies to ran Singapore to make it goes into the drains and that is what actually happened with the 2 Orchard FLOODS. Water is money and since LHL is money crazy GOT gaven it 2 HIM.

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