Singapore’s Lee Leaves Hospital for Home


Lee Kuan Yew out of the hospital.  Wall Street Journal:

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has been discharged from hospital after recovering from a strokelike condition, the Singapore government said on Sunday.

Mr. Lee, 89 years old, was “resting at home” after being discharged from Singapore General Hospital, where he was admitted Friday after suffering a suspected transient ischemic attack that was associated with an irregular heartbeat, the prime minister’s office said in a brief statement. It didn’t say when Mr. Lee left hospital.

A transient ischemic attack, also known as a “mini-stroke,” is a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain that leads to strokelike symptoms. …

“The doctors are following up with him to optimize his anticoagulation therapy, in order to minimize the risk of further transient ischemic attacks,” the statement said.

The prime minister’s office announced Mr. Lee’s hospitalization on Saturday, saying he had recovered and was being kept under observation.

12 Responses to “Singapore’s Lee Leaves Hospital for Home”

  1. 1 Hopeful Citizen

    The old toad is about to croak its last …

  2. You are not HOPEFUL at all for people who are hopeful always think better of others. To be hopeful – SEE the good side of a person and not the BAD.
    It is only you are bad than you think others are like YOU.
    Just my personal quote?
    I will pray for LKY to live a happy and health life till 100+ as his services are require for this coming dark years ahead?2013 to 2023 and beyong.

  3. 3 Bill

    I am not a big fan of his but I do pray for him to get better. Lets leave hatred aside when one is low.

  4. Running a country like Singapore is not a Game and you and LHL thought it is and that is why his is ‘FOOLING’ around and Feeling around not knowing what to do.

    In housing, these went wrong – after 1997 explosion of price by HDB the secondary market was cheaper than the NEW and people stop buying from HBD. In 2007/8 the impossible happen and MBT sold NEW HDB to PR and now my neighbours are mostly China PR. To make matter worse, HDB stopped building NEW hdb but only built SER.

    When LHL mentioned in Parliament that our population will be 6.5M but no dates was mentioned. It was only MBT who commented that it will not be a problems as we have allot of time before 6.5 will be reach.

    Now the whole problems lies with MBT’s policies and he have the cheek to said in Parliament that he support all measures to help the present LHL?

    In Cabinet you causes A!! the existing problems and YOU can HELP and support?

    A11 are written from re-collection of memory from News reports in the last few years and if there are mistakes, please forgive me for at my age some memories are lacking?

    Then there is comparision with HK which cannot be compare as HK is part of China and when land shortage arises, China can re-draw the boundaries whereas Singapore answer is to BUY and from Who and Where?

    KBH mentioned reclaimation for addition land, but where does the sand comes from? NMD have started to invent sands for the projects?

  5. 5 Happy Citizen

    Good news … his time is almost up.

  6. 6 LY Lim

    Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    It’s wonderful to hear that you have been discharged from hospital and is recovering well. You should know there are many of us who are so glad and will continue to pray for you.

    I also enjoy visiting the Facebook of your party members to keep up to date of your activities. However I thought the Facebooks of Mr. Heng Swee Keat & Mr. Chan Chun Sing can be updated more frequently, especially with pictures.

    The Facebooks of our PM Lee HL & Mr. Tan Chuan Jin are more informative and current. They also make for interesting read with the numerous pictures. They come across as more welcoming, approachable and sincere.

  7. High my Happy Citizen,

    I will think most Singaporean are HAPPY as we live in one of the Best countries on this turbulence EARTH.

    Good news….means WHO’s time is almost – The Young or the OLD?

    I pray for the OLD and wish every seconds of my time that the young get his required REST?

  8. @LY Lim : Why you are sending an email to LKY via this blog and not directly to him?

  9. 9 Ordinary Citizen

    May his cronies rot with him …

  10. 10 Prayful Citizen

    Scumbags like the old f*** seem to die hard … (sigh)

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  12. LKY excercise is swimming as he said in ‘The Hard Facts of Life’ But HPB ideas to excercise it have to be jogging or running. This American stories to bluff so they can sell Sports and until laterly, Almost A11 sport show use American Brand only.
    Now, can a man on his Wheelchair excercise with the HPB guildlines.
    The health food pictures in the HPB articles are more than 20 years and most are taken from American Standard.
    Singapore have nobody who can come up with better ideas, that is why the COE was replaced and until today there cannot find a suitable CHIEFTAIN???
    If this goes on, Singapore will be like Japan who cannot find a PM after the Lion Head completed his 8 years of services and for almost 10years there is still not right PM for this 1st World Country???
    There are health clothing which can help people who cannot excercise because of disability or other bodily illness. HPB must have such people who can develop other form of excercise.or just relaying from the American?

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