People’s confidence key to Singapore’s success: Lee Kuan Yew


Lee Kuan Yew makes his first appearance since his hospitalisation.  CNA:

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that one key factor for Singapore’s success is the confidence people have in the country. 

Mr Lee was speaking at a dialogue organised by Standard Chartered Bank on Wednesday evening.

Joining Mr Lee for the dialogue were former chairman of the US Federal Reserve and former chairman of US President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker, as well as Standard Chartered’s group chief executive Peter Sands.

Mr Lee said investors have confidence because of Singapore’s sound institutions, and to build them the country must have a stable government.

Mr Lee said he does not see any developments that will change that situation in the short term of five, 10 or 20 years.

“It will be very stupid of us to shake that confidence. The confidence rests on several pillars – institutions, sound policies by the government – you can always predict what we are going to do in any given situation, and an open trading area,” said Mr Lee.


19 Responses to “People’s confidence key to Singapore’s success: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 Observant Citizen

    The old man is no longer coherent.

  2. Lee Kuan Yew was a successful PM in his term but his son LHL is a total failure.

    1. Building 2 Casinos so that he can make more money But Got tell us it is wrong and give him all the monies he wanted in 2 floods at Orchard and we know water is MONEY,

    2. To save water the taps were dripping in all public toilet and He ask A11 to wash your hand Clear with soap and dripping water. Toilet cannot flash clean as the water pressure is too low to clean the toilet. On the other hand, Road are wash regularly with high pressure jets and so is your corridoor in your flats. Price of water keep increasing and ask you to save WATER? We have 3 sources of water but we now have 5 and he keep saying Save Water. When superfluous is not use it flow into the sea and saving water when we have more than enough is just empty excuse to Increase Price. This is layman aguirement, please correct me if I am wrong?

    3. Buying 4 houses for his children and the property market collaspe stop building HDB flat from 1997 except SAR flats. In 2007 all balances flat were sold to PR and thereafter we have shortage. Why? stop building and now doing a Catch-up JOB.

    4. Shortage of LAND? Nonsence – Build higher and if needed build in the sea as per white paper. Flats get smaller because of shortage but built 4,000+Ft flat for the common man?

    5. GCT mentioned 8.5 and reduced to 7.5 and announced in Parliament, we need 6.5. Than he lost his mind and now wants 6.9. That is in 16 years our population will increase 100,000 every year. At average of 3.5 to a household we need to build 28,571 new homes for the new comers plus what is need for the present population – What is our future requirement?

    6. Those who have to kill themselves after losing their pants, went to Bedok Reservoir to kill themselves – WHY? We have many other reservoir and surrounded by sea BUT these loser just choose the SAME reservoir?

    7. When you retire, you use to have a choice of putting your retirement funds into your insurance company of your choice, but now with the CPF Life, you have no more choice. A11 monies in CPF goes back to CPF and in my experience with CPF Life last 2 years – It is the worse that can Happen?

    7 Is a nice numbers, let stop at it and anyone who can think of more, please continue from where i left…………

  3. 3 LY Lim

    Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    You should know that I pray for you every morning to be healthy and able to go about your daily activities. In fact, I thought you were rather energetic during the Standard Chartered Bank dialogue recently. Oh, how I wish to see you in person again.

    At this juncture, I wish to dedicate the following song to you.


    God bless.

  4. A song to pep up his day and energy to carry on for the good of Singapore.

    I shook his hand in 1959 during his 1st campaign to be elected at Singapore Island Club and i was a kampong kid living at he edge of the Club.

    My greatest wish is to at least shank that hand of his for one more time and said many thanks for what you have done for Singapore. I passed a letter to LHL at Garden BY the Bay for it to be directed to LKY but my letter never sees the light (I Gas)

    Some people hatred you for their reasons But overall, for those who hatred you are in FACT hatering Themselves.

    In this world to be peaceful, Hatred is a sin of themselves. Instead try to love those whom you hatred and our world will always been a peaceful Earth.

    The religious hatred are the causes of most war especially in the Middle East But if that hatred can be turn into LOVE, World peace will preview.

    Now Burmese kill among themselves, Muslim fighting others and killing themselves which is call Arab Spring and Western power adding oil to fire as they think that when Arabs are down, they can move in.and supply arms to rebel and THERE think it will solve the problems to their Advantage?

    The more trouble you start the hotter the fire and it is best to cool it with talks and reasoning.

    Sorry, i hope LKY understands my clown English as he use to Crown English that he learned as a lawyer.

  5. 5 Note

    Do you think that LKY should be embalmed after he dies?

  6. 6 Ah kow

    Singapore is just a busy port. You all should ask Lee K Y how much of the singapore’s annual revenue come from the PSA? If thats the case, how can Lee attribute the success of singapore to himself when Sir Stamford Raffles has already had the vision of turning singapore to be successsful port. Lee KY thought that by blowing his own trumpett, he could BS everybody that without him, singapore can never be successful. Really!

  7. 7 Ah kow

    final thought, how many of you will cry when he croaks?! The truth. If thats the case, how can the people of singapore think that Lee is the one who turns the country into a successful business hub in se asia?

  8. We are successful as a No:1 because of the CPF money that change the face of Singapore which make us the No. 1 HOME owners.

    Many countries that are still practising the pensions will have to change or at least tweet their system or all will die a sure death like what have happening now in the West and USA same for JAPAN.

    But now his sick son wanted to keep ever cent of our money for himself and start the CPF Life. He always give you MONEY, our money to ourselves by putting money into your left pocket and take it out of your right pocket and shows that your Medisave have increase OR your saving to by OUR coffin have increase?

    LKY is still ONE of the best man around for there are things that he have done is beyong his control for his MRS was in control OR he have done it for the good of Singapore like the 55 or detaintion of Political opponents?

  9. 9 Anonymous

    Nothing but a genocidal murderer to his own people since World War 2. Lapdogs who praise such a murderer are those who only enjoy shedding more innocent blood.

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  11. 11 Patient Citizen

    His demise is long overdue.

  12. 12 Singapore ‘s success

    Has changed into a success as a lapdog for frs. But where are the other choices?

  13. Choices are self make. Your parents give you who you are with the gems of 95% according to science and the rest is for you to make.

    Rich people are usually born rich and people who make it rich are those who can THINK. You will never be rich by working for it is the person whom you are working for may become rich.

    What is richness, it have not fix value. I need $10 a day when i retires but others may need $100 or $1,000 or more.

    But we share something in common and that is 7/24 our time. Young people to make money as senior need time to enjoy for it is bonus to them.

    People who tells they have no times are agreed or just an excuse. So use your time wisely while young and use if use usefully when you are senior who pass their time dreaming to get RICH but it is REACH that everybody need as when you arrive the best place is Haven so be good and not sin.

    LKY is the model of Singapore whereas as Dr. Soon Yat Sun was the model for our Chinese of all races be it Korean or Japanese, WE all from the Chinese gems.

    But one day, for those who are unhappy for whatever reasons, will realize that the man who give Singapore it NAME on this EARTH will be the one your children and many children after them will look back and SAY who is my father?

    American are the biggest murder, but who condemn them, so are the Japanese and GOD have given them the 9/11 & the 3/11 and given Singapore the 2/11.

  14. 14 Note

    Another classic rubbish from landragon123

  15. 15 lee fuck yew

    the key to sgp success is getting pap and lky out of the way.

    not really hard science or quantum physics….

  16. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Kudos!

  17. You may not know what is all the 11s are about. 9/11 many knows, 3/11 few knows although it was the only disasters that can KILL a country Third for it 3 effects

    Now you wonder what is 2/11 – It was the opening ceremony of MBS and within 1 month 3/11 happens.

    We have a ship sitting on top of 3 JOSS sticks and TV coverage of 3/11 show a ship sitting on top of a 3 story building.

    The MBS is leaning at 11 degree as it represents the joss sticks for when we put on the joss stick, it is never upright and 11 is the fengshui as desgined by the HK Grand Master. The JOSS sticks is offering to our SKY which everyone pray – The Lotus is the flower of GODS???

    When everybody pray, most pray to Heaven but Taoist pray to the SKY which we A11 that can be seen. The 3 joss sticks that we offer in prayer is Pray to the SKY, Prey to the EARTH and to People but I replace people as SELF, that is pray to the sky, earth and self which we all can see.

    Whereas when you pray to Heaven or Hell or the ghosts, Can you see them?

    So be realistic, Believe what you see, smell and touch, not to people who tell you about things you cannot see or smell or touch. These are the people who wants only your MONEY for their own good NOT yours.

  18. It is very tiring to stays at 1 and that is why Singaporean are suffering because PAP wants to be 1 and to keeping up to IT is a constant struggle and that makes us tire but give us more LIVES and make more monies for LHL to manage???

  19. This blog is fantastic because LKY is the centre of attractions for the last 50 years and i hope there is many more Good and GOD years for him to live the LIFE he wants and that is not to DIE.

    Be covering all windows that faces his office and his home – he think HE did not have to die. There is a saying, what ever you do, the SKY is watching But instead he don’t want others to watch, only THE SKY and Hopefully it will keep him ALIVE for the rest of his life.

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