Can you imagine Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew?


Reuters via ABS-CBN:

They crammed into an art cafe in Singapore and pulled no punches, deriding authoritarian officials who ruled with an “iron fist” and complaining that government ministers with million-dollar salaries were out of touch.

One woman, a middle-aged professional, got nods of agreement when she said modern Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, had done great things but that new ways were needed from current leaders still practising a “do-as-I-say style of parenting”.

Singapore remains regimented but the unusually frank criticism at the recent gathering, part of a government-run national “conversation” about the city state’s future, reflects the reality that this is no longer the era of Lee Kuan Yew.

LKY, as he is widely known, built the tiny Southeast Asian island into one of the world’s wealthiest nations with a strong, pervasive role by the state and no patience for dissent.

Now 89 and in declining health, LKY has receded from the public and political scene, leaving the government of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, his elder son, to deal with economic and social challenges roiling the country of 5.3 million people.

“The time has come for a younger generation to carry Singapore forward in a more difficult and complex situation,” LKY said in 2011 as he resigned from the cabinet after the ruling party suffered its worst election result in history.

Saying they feel inundated by foreign workers and priced out of their own homeland, Singaporeans are angry. And with the hugely respected figure of LKY retired from the political stage, they are no longer hesitant to show it.

In online chatrooms, letters to state-linked newspapers and at the “Our Singapore Conversation” sessions, they are pressing for answers from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) which is doing more to listen but struggling with how to change after five decades in power.

Despite the new climate of open criticism, there is still some trepidation about speaking out in front of journalists. At the recent “conversation” session, the organisers asked Reuters not to identify the participants so they could talk freely without being intimidated by the presence of a foreign reporter.

LKY’s long-standing openness to foreign workers clashes with the current mood and detractors decry his paternalistic and stern ways, including defamation lawsuits against critics.

But his legacy as Singapore’s first prime minister for 31 years and then advisor emeritus is not in doubt.

Last August, rumours spread that LKY was gravely ill or had died. When he disproved the chatter by appearing at the National Day parade, the flag-waving crowd erupted into cheers.

In February, he was hospitalised when an irregular heartbeat interrupted the flow of blood to his brain. But he turned up at a forum a month later and took the stage with Paul Volcker, the former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Replying to questions about U.S.-China relations, Europe’s woes and Asia’s future, LKY showed his intellect remains intact and powerful. But his speech was slow and sometimes difficult to understand. Many of his answers were short and trailed off.

Volcker prompted nervous laughter from the crowd when he said: “Singapore is going to have to adjust to Lee Kuan Yew at some point not being the guide.”


That adjustment is already happening, senior officials say, with LKY leaving the current leaders to set policies without him pulling the strings. The pace of change is the big question.

Hit by voter discontent in 2011 and again in a by-election in January, the PAP must walk a fine line in pacifying the public’s concerns without abandoning policies that have created a financial powerhouse where stability and an ease of doing business are magnets for investors and multinational companies.

“We have to work in a more open way. We have to accept more of the untidiness and the to-ing and fro-ing, which is part of normal politics,” Prime Minister Lee told the Washington Post.

“It is a major change, of course, which we hope we will be able to navigate safely over a period of time and not suddenly.”

While the PAP’s majority in parliament has shrunk to 80 of 87 elected seats, few expect the opposition to prevail in the next election in 2016. But as the PAP charts the way ahead, there are internal differences over what approach to take, senior officials say.

Some of those divisions were on display in parliament in February over a government document that envisioned the population swelling by as much as 30 percent by 2030, largely due to more foreigners, to maintain economic growth.

“I have very serious reservations about the white paper,” PAP member Tin Pei Ling said during the five-day debate.

Inderjit Singh, also from the PAP, said: “Our past decade of rapid population growth has already created too many problems which need to be solved first before we take the next step.”

During LKY’s time, it was very rare for PAP politicians and civil servants to publicly voice any difference of opinion. But the new scope for dissent extends only so far.

In the end, no PAP member voted against the white paper and it passed by a 77-13 margin. Singh was not present for the vote.

Despite the unusually heated debate, the outcome illustrates why speculation may be overblown about a split in the ruling party or major shifts in policy when LKY is no longer around.

“They still have this pretty much authoritarian kind of mindset,” said Kumaran Pillai, a businessman and former chief editor of The Online Citizen, a popular public affairs website.

“I don’t think the split would happen so soon. The main reason is a lot of PAP cadre members, grassroots members and the elite are vested in the system and they aren’t going to let it fall apart just because Lee Kuan Yew has passed away.”


The government has taken steps to restrict immigration, cool the property market, build up infrastructure and broaden social safety nets. But it did itself no favours with the population white paper which sent public anger into overdrive and, for many, reaffirmed the PAP’s reputation for prescriptive policies.

“I just want more opposition voices,” said Brendan Mok, a university student with a dragon tattoo on his arm. “At the same time, I don’t feel the opposition is solid enough for anything that could deliver positive change. But we do want more debate.”

Mok and his friend Ron Ho, who both voted for the opposition in 2011, said the priority was to narrow income inequalities and address concerns about housing, good jobs and living costs.

“A lot of Singaporeans aren’t happy and one of the reasons is because there’s a lot of status anxiety here,” said Ho.

With the PAP under pressure to listen, the year-old “Our Singapore Conversation” is assuming greater resonance.

In a Singaporean twist, the dialogue about the role of the state is organised by the government at venues such as The Connoisseur Concerto, a boutique cafe where about 50 people from diverse backgrounds recently gathered.

Crowded around low tables, they tucked into a buffet dinner and then engaged in a feisty chat about the PAP listening but not really changing and about well-paid officials being out of touch with anxiety over public transport and home prices.

“They don’t take the train, they don’t take taxis, they don’t live in HDBs,” said one woman, referring to the state-built Housing & Development Board apartments where most Singaporeans live. “So how do they know?”

Lee Kuan Yew, who continues to espouse the need for immigrants and scolds Singaporeans for not having enough babies, is also seen as out of touch as citizens challenge the government’s top-down approach and demand their voices be heard.

With characteristic bluntness, he summed up his own legacy in the book “Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going” published in 2011, just before the election that led to his retirement.

“It’s irrelevant to me what young Singaporeans think of me,” he said. “I’ve lived long enough to know that you may be idealised in life and reviled after you’re dead.”

71 Responses to “Can you imagine Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew?”

  1. Yes & No.
    Nobody can predicts the future of anyone or any country and that include Singapore.

    Unless the Government of the PAP mps and cabinet sees now that we are in fact going going down the drain and if not stop now, we will go to the river and if we can swim well before we get into the sea and than OCEAN, WE are done.

    But Singapore been the Head of the Dragon will not drown now as we still have a roll to lead the World into a more peaceful and happier world to live in. AS the head of the DRAGON we cannot die and should not die as if we do, Asean and then the WORLD will die with US.

    There are 3 real dragons in this World and let me tell you why Singapore is the Dragon Head.

    Himalayas started in Nepal as the Dragon tail and it run all the way down to stop in Singapore as the DRAGON Head and that is Fengshui if you call it that way but it is a FACT.

    The next dragon is the SKY as when we pray, it is the SKY that we pray to first. Chinese religion the oldest is Toaist who pray to the SKY and the EARTH and then for ourselves(people).

    In my website show the fengshui I am talking about. The SKY with the invisible dragon is in fact the SUN, MOON and the CLOUD. Earth is the earth that we are living now. The 2 dragons that you see a the water or sea dragon and that is one of the essential of our WORLD where rain sent us water and the SUN takes it back into the SKY to form the CLOUD and give us the cycle of WATER.

    The SUN provide us the LIGHT for us to see and the heat to keep us warm and the energy for us to live on and it is this energy that we should tap for our future for our EARTH to survive as the taking of OIL and COAL from our EARTH is wrong and it should be stop as soon as possible.

    In order to be human of greed, MEN kill first the animals for their food which is wrong as animals are also part of this EARTH. Every living things on this Earth is part of US and should be protected at all cost, for without any of them the world will be imperfect.

    My point mentioned above is to shows that LKY have leads the Dragon well thus far and if his son LHL destroy it with his imperfect ways and in fact LHL is a Double dragon, first is his name and then his zodiac sign and when 2 dragon live together, there fight each other for the other to survive and that is why he have to suffer 2 CANCEL of the same kind.

    Believe it or not, It is up to you as nobody in this world can get ALL to believe in you, just like I love LKY for what he did and for who he is, but many other still think LKY is evil in their mind.

    As I have always tell people there is no ghost, who believe, but the real ghost is in your heart, and when you did bad things you will worry and worry is in FACT the ghost in YOU!

    So believe in me and I say that peace and victory is in sight with the simbol of our Thumb and 2 fingers forms the sign of double V which is 3 joss sticks stuck to the ground and that is why MBS Integrated Resort was built to be the most expensive Building in the World @ $8 Billion with the most fengshui readings which is the world’s best and the highest in number 11 with the building leaning at 11degree to show that when we place the joss stick in a urn it is never up right and 11 is use to counter the bad luck in the number 11.

    The 3 dragons is also about the economic power of Asia in Singapore, China and Korea. Korea will become ONE Korea soon just like Vietnam and Germany.

  2. 2 vreedom

    Without LKY, we will still be part of malaya and enjoy affordable landed houses, affordable private cars and more freedom. SIngaporeans paid too much for security.

  3. 3 Note

    There are no such things as dragons. What a full load of crap.

  4. 4 theonion


    Depends if you are non-bumi, you will be out of the country if you are above average in most quotients and wish to be a professional. In business, otherwise.
    Yes, you can for landed and suffer traffic jams and deterioration in living, trying earning RM$ equivalent ie same amount but not S$ and lets see how happy you are
    Not to mention the other issues

  5. 5 Billy

    The Dragon article is a waste of space. If Fengshui is such a big deal, Mr Boo, you should be a consultant to Western Europe. It’ll help the global economy a great deal…. I might expect another lengthy response to my note, I reckon…

  6. 6 Note

    For proving that Fengshui works he will also get the first Nobel prize for Singapore. This country does not progress much precisely because of these superstitious people inside it.

  7. 7 vreedom

    I think many chinese are suceessful there without having to leave malaysia. those in penang, ipoh, jb etc. i met a chinese customer officer and she has a landed house and drive a private car to work. only the upper middle class here dare to dream of such things. ceo of air asia even returned to malaysia after his uk exposure. non bumi in msia still better treated than any ordinary people in sg.

  8. 8 Arami

    Singapore is the most frustrated and stressful place to live and works compared to all our neighboring Asean countries, most do not realized that we are compelled to works against each others for the pap self interest.

  9. 9 Billy

    Arami, you hit the nail on the head.

  10. Dragons or no Dragon, life goes on. I am interested in Singapore and Asia for Europe is already in the Ocean and only a Whale can save them.

    When you are frustrated, go to the pubs like the whites do. It is the stress of work that make us what we are, the best, the greenest, the richest and so on as we are No. 1.

    LKY make us run and keep running and when you stop it will be the end of the road and not the tunnel that you expected.

    To see the lights, it is there everyday as we are one of the lucky one with equal light and equal darkness and it is for you to choose which you like better. Work hard and smart and it will be all daylight for you but if you like to work hard and no smart, it can be always dark for you if only you believe that we Singaporean are one of the most lucky – than you are LUCKY. Believe in why you think and you are what you are,

    Bad people believe in ghost, but there is no ghost – The ghost is in you if you done bad and wrong and it will honk you. I have never done wrong non cheat anyone, that is why I am the happiest man alive and tell people how to be REACH not to be rich. Rich is just a word, not a number as in fact nobody can tell you what is rich, and for me is when you have enough to eat, wear, a roof over your own head which 95% of Singaporean have and anythings else is LUXURY>

    The problems we have now is a know NOTHING government under a sick detector. SMRT is call ‘Singapore Most Retarded Team’, CPF is ‘Compulsory Payments by Force’ that is CPFlife? HPB stand for HELP PATRICK BOO as I need their help but there sack me.

  11. 11 LY Lim

    Yes, we can but not likely to happen anytime soon. The wisdom of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew will be passed on to next generation leaders for years to come. We of course have to be ready to adopt new methods to deal with future situations but the lessons learned through him will ensure we move in the right direction.

    Speaking of right direction, Anti-Dengue Campaign officials should look into less glamorous and prominent spots which are often neglected. There are many minor roads in industrial estates and suburbs that are potential mosquito breeding hotbeds. These roads are usually cluttered with dried leaves, twigs, trash and when it rains, the drains get cluttered.

    In cemeteries, there are many worshipers who put up offerings of food and drinks in containers. However some worshipers forgot to clear away the offerings when they leave the cemetery, leaving behind containers that collect water. And mosquitoes breed.

    I just managed to see an old photo of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew sweeping a road with coconut broom, telling us to keep the country clean.

  12. 12 Note

    Another load of crap from landragon again. He is probably buying up all the branded high quality products from the Europe that he says is in the ocean.

    LKY is not as wise as you cook it up to be. He has made numerous mistakes. And his style is political suicide for anyone to use in this modern times.

  13. 13 Billy

    I could not agree more with “Note” re his point. Besides, LKY had a small country to manage with hardly 3 million people. Wish he was the Prime Minster of either Spain, Italy or Greece. His policies are not one size fits all. SG is like an MNC, employees, come and go. That is exactly what is happening with SG now with the influx of FT and out going Singaporeans for a better life elsewhere. (I call it the Singapore Purge) I rather pay more tax than to go back and live in SG. All the best to Land Dragon, “the Fengshui whiz.”

  14. On the mosquitoes issue, we are spending stupid money for nothing. The health worker came to my home and inspect the toilet bowl and I ask what are you trying to find?

    I have not buy anything European except NOKIA – the best phone you ever find.

    if LKY is not wise, almost all 3rd wprld countries including China came to him for advice and that include the blind president, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, and few other Asean countries. Malaysia follows his CPF and now Malaysia is able to invest with the EPF Fund.

    Billy my son, learn to be realisatic , we need FT to move us forward but the problems now is LHL is using cheap traffic warden to issue summons in every part of Singapore and he think it is the best ways to make money including building the 2 Casinos. Orchard Road have paid for his sins with water returned to Singapore that LHL likes – Monies for CIG and Tamasek to invest and all are run by his family members.

    9/11 people killed themselves in Bedok Reservior, WHY – because this is the only man make reserviour whereas all others are damp-up rivers. So is GOD telling us in very detail, man make sins and God tells him that our problems are man make by HIM?

    Fengshui is a very old way of telling the truth and MBS is built with the HIGHEST fengshui that you can ever find in any building – to be exact, there are 11 fengshui. If you do not believe me, the master is still around in their HK office.

  15. 15 Arami

    Without this old farting Harry Leech Conned You.

    Singapore would be like South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc…… we need not had to works hard against each others exclusively for this old fart fami-lees & relatives and it cronies self interest.

    Our frustrations, stress, anxieties kia-si, kia-su, kia-cheng-hu. bo-cheng-kow-kia feeling should be greatly reduced and similar to those countries mentioned above.

    Singaporeans index of happiness, standard of living, healthcare’s, schoolings, transportations, public housings etc……. should also be similar to those countries mentioned above.

    After brainwashing, fortunately, we are not put into war with our own relatives and friends in our neighbor country during this sick old fart time for it self interest.

  16. 16 Note

    Precisely, you buy Nokia because you trust Europe is a high tech place that can deliver, and not some hype place like China or Singapore that can only talk big. Whoever wins the high tech and science race, wins the world, history is the best evidence.

  17. Now let’s talk about high tech and science, Motorola started the Mobile follow by Ericsson and Nokia in that order.

    Where is Motorola now and Ericsson belongs to Sony but only Nokia is around.

    Now we have HTC, Samsung, LG, Huawei are all Asian whereas end for Iphone is near for when Steve die it dies with him.

    Japan was suppose to be high tech but did not produce any phone of their own – Why? High Tech is coming to the end and to survive and overcome our problems is to go BACK to BASIC.

    Save whatever you can instead of wasting of foods, essentials, energy and so on to Save the Earth.

    Digging the ground and now digging the sea are against nature and to survive is to USE nature given to us like the SUNLIGHT & Heat, Rain & Water, Wind & Air and Ocean & Wave which are all god’s given. Tap it for future use and our world will be Healthy Again.

    Who can do it? In Singapore maybe Philip Yeo, Bill Gate, Richard Benson who is wasting money to send man to Heaven. Change the mindset that going to space is luxury but waste of resources.

    American sent man to moon and other planets, now what have become of them – ONE of the poorest country on Earth and that is the cost of Pride or call EGO>

  18. 18 Note

    Have you noticed that the high tech world belong to highly democratic nations? LKY style politics is not suitable to develop this kind of nations. It will stifle the creativity and innovation and talents prefer not to work in a dictatorship.

  19. 19 Arami

    Absolutely right, sick old fart belong to a different group (mainly the bastards) that strongly believe in “what mine is mine, what yours is ours” an old Chinese traditions, customs and cultures fundamentally in cheating, lying, faking, stealing & robbing and destroying others for it survival, it in their blood cells.

  20. 20 Just-take-a-look-around

    To all the people who are not happy with the way Singapore is run – be careful of what you wish for.

  21. 21 Arami

    @ Just-take-a -look-around

    It is like you eat what we cook, not what you like to eat, lol,lol……. the menu is very old, pass down from the old cook to the present without any changes……taste sucks!!!!!

    We are the stake holders and not servants, it more logical to fire the cook if the menu is not change……… otherwise we change a new cook.

    Wish i could to pull the plug if i have the financial ability to do so like the 8000+ others annually, really pissed!!!!!!

  22. 22 Note

    Get real if you think SG policies are world class. They are world class because only 5 million people are affected. Try implementing these policies for 200 million people. The public will have them for breakfast. What they did was possible because they controlled a lot of the variables. Everyone is craping on about what a genius idea it was rolling out CPF. This was not a smart idea but a necessity. How else would have Sg survived? Get real, Don’t need brilliance or President scholars to figure this out. The only way SG can succeed is to tweak the policies as it goes forward, while pissing its people off (no choice ). So depending on the degree of unhappiness, people leave and other who stay accept the live style they got. Recent study showed that Singaporeans were the most unhappiest in the world. I wonder why US or Europe did not top the list.

    Mr Landragon, I like your articles. I get free entertainment during lunch. Especially when you throw in the Singlish bit, “horrible histories” and “freaky futures” Keep it rolling. Thanks.

  23. Singapore politics have a class of our own, and i called LKY Crown Englishman as he like to say English are gentleman whereas mine is Clown (NOT Singlish)Englich because it is a clown that makes people laugh and that is my intention.

    When i talk about dragon no one believes as most people never see a dragon but only heard about the Zodiac which LHL belongs to or the Emperor of China and maybe he think he is an Emperoe. The fengshui dragon of the Himalayas are in books but most did not read about it. The economical 3 dragons are true as only Asia have Dragon.

    It is a good government who can do what it country needs and LKY have done most of it. CPF for housing, COE to prevent traffic jams. PAP is create fear into you and it is now call PAY AND PRAY/prey. You have to pay whatever you are ask to like summons, taxes, PUB. telephone & etc but pray is not to be summoned when driving, when smoking, when eating at the food court or coffee shop, forget to flush the public toilet. And for prey as drivers are birds flying and the camera on top on the overhead bridge preys on you and other sitting on the lamp poles.

    Recent the fees for Polyclinics are increased and the queue are even longer because we are make to FEED the Doctors with LHL methods of madical services. IMH have examples of his GOOD services in hospital as I was a patient because there use a mad doctor and bluff me into the hospital without my consent. But there is law the doc in IMH are king, there can do whatever there like by giving false report that you have mental illness.

    Doctors tell you High Blood Pressure, hepatitis and others illness cannot be cure. It is the doc cheating on you. My hepatitis is cured, HBP also cured, Copper Tunnel also cured without operation.

    LKY is not only good in his heart and his fore sight that make us today, but not his sick SON of cancel which he suffered Twice? WHY?

    LKY’s problem is that he is afraid to die, that is why he paid 12M for chariaty to buy his kama and his son follow with 30K also to buy kama. Since LKY wants to live long, GOD will grant him his wish as great fengshui master have predicted that his family will have a case of WHITE hair sending BLACK.

  24. 24 Arami

    Interesting to know that the evil old fart paid 12m$ to reduce his evil Khamma….before meeting his marker, but anyone knows where the moneys come from….the state??? how he made it…..must be legal mean.

    Here i like to made a guesstimate, it strike my mind after the Malaysian GE13 result recently…..PAP and the DAP are the same old gang members before…… won the Johore seat with full of developments just across the border. (Developments in modern days mean corruptions, no development mean no corruption)

    Most likely the evil old fart will not be hold-up for long in Hell to meet the judges…. with the recent event across the border……soon he may be reborn in Malaysia or come from some other countries……to continue his political career with his old gang members the Malaysian DAP due to his Khamma forces.

    It very likely the beginning of the demise of the PAP here is the eventual rise of the DAP which may…… or may not rule Malaysia one day just across our border and that is Khamma forces that controlled every single lives in the planet.

  25. Karma or not, Najib used numerology for this election with the number 55. Malaysia is 55 years old and Rahman the 1st PM numerology is 55. May 5 is 55 and he won by help from Fengshui Master – Try to find out WHO?

  26. 26 Billy

    You, Mr Landragon…..the mighty Fengshui Master. Hail, hail

  27. 27 LY Lim

    There is a Proverb that says: 天上星多月不亮, 地上人多心不平。A crude translation should be: The moon will not be brilliant when set against the backdrop of a starry sky and neither will attitude be uniform amongst a crowd.

    From the west, we have: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. So how can we cater and satisfy every individual palette of the millions?

    Change the cook? Does one forget that everybody including the cook is a stakeholder? And if one were to suggest firing the cook, is not one just as evil?

    Caution: It takes one to know why.

  28. Firing the cook is a must as he is poisoning our LIVES not knowing WHY because he is so sick with a 2nd repeated CANCEL.

    In fact, 1st is mental and 2nd physical, but with meditation he overcomes the physical but mental needs more than what medications can do???

  29. 29 Arami

    @ LY Lim, doe it really made sense that menus and cook cannot be replace/change and that stakeholders should be beholden even garbage (foods) is forced into theirs throats ???

    It proof to show that this cook is incompetence…….obviously it had a hidden agenda……to sell the extras rations and keep the profits by murdering, poisoning and purging others away.

    Everything in this world is impermanence, whatever rises should falls…….whatever comes around should goes around……if it not, then it must be FAKES, it must be CORRUPTIONS !!!

    This sick and evil cook must go at the earliest possible time without any exception.

  30. 30 Arami

    Evil triumphs when the good peoples choose to remain silent………the very reason……..Mass must be misleads to suffered in silent.

  31. 31 Note

    With this kind of poor quality and unhealthy food, the cook should have been fired long ago.

  32. 32 Arami

    We need a replacement before firing the present one and i suggest a cooking competition….winner take this prestigious position.

  33. The replacements are there and ready. The man who give us money and paid it into Medisave and the Goddess with 12 fingers. So we either gets an other race chief cook or a Lady Goddess?

    Why? the reason is we needed change as Obama said – change and we will be ahead and win. These changes were in place – The 1st Indian Chief Justice and follow by the 1st Malay Speaker of Parliament. The only PAP members of government who lives in a HDB flat.

  34. 34 Arami

    What about those moneys kept by the cooks all these years?……..must get one who is able locate and dig it out…… back in the form of shares to the stakeholders for their years of bloods and tears sacrifices building the cookhouse……compensations should also be given to those innocent victims who died of foods poisoning and those who is lock up in the dirty insects infested tiny store rooms for years without a formal trial.

    Currently the cookhouse is so messy…….some said it will take 50 years to clean this bloodied mess left by the sick old cook to the present one.

  35. Do not be another Philippine or Indonesia who tries to get back the money and in the end they spent more on the legal fees and collected peanuts.

    I am very sure we do not have monkeys that keep any money in their spare stomachs for you to search or locate – we have leaders much better and wiser.

    Please take note that it is the present cook who is sick, not the last 2.

    My only questions is who i managing the CPF Funds and what is the BALANCE, anyone knows or can anyone Guess?

  36. 36 lee fuck yew

    i can imagine life in sgp without lky….definitely better…


    coz his death marks the beginning of the end of pap and his racist policies to boot.

    so i day,the sooner he croaks,the sooner we have another sorely needed public holiday….it does not matter if he is the founding father (raffles is the founding father) of sgp or watever the hell they (asskissers) calls it,jus give us all a bloody hoiliday and a reason to drink ourselves silly.

    so lky,thanks for all the good you have done,we are deeply appreciative and fuck you for all the fuck ups u and your party have done as well,thank god u could not done in the ppl…and thank god we get to celebrate your death.

    so lky,good riddance and good luck on your way to hell…..dun bother with heaven,i am sure saint peter would have shown u the finger and michael would smack you so hard you’d even forget your own name.

  37. 37 Arami

    If a new garbage men take over and is not going to investigate/locate/explain where the moneys is invested/lost/siphon off and try to get it back……. then it more then meet the eyes…….it proof to show their self interest only and also their irresponsibility to the peoples.

    It will also draw suspicions that there might be some kind of a deals secretly going behind long before the new team take over as the new garbage men.

    Cans of worms must not be ignore at all cost……..that is our citizens main concern.

  38. 38 LY Lim

    I have been to IMH, hospital, police station & remand prison on numerous occasions for visitation. There are all kinds of characters with all manners of personalities and conditions. What I could do was to extend my love to them, to help care for them.

    By God’s grace.

  39. 39 Arami

    IMO it the garbage men policy flaws that resulting in what you see in this very tiny island and there are also those who committed suicide mainly due to financials difficulties……no fire no smoke.

    Instead of extending my love to them, it is more effective to write and try my best to stop this fire from spreading after many years of observations.

  40. 40 LY Lim

    Students these days are much better trained and are more intelligent and creative.

  41. 41 Arami

    I’m waiting for this sick and evil old fart last breath, it the day i buy myself a big dinner to celebrate the dead of a good one on it way directly into the core of the hell.

  42. Mr, LY Lim have been to IMH for visit as he is government CIVIL servant or these day there are called better names like, CEO, CFO or whatever you think fits them.

    I was cheated by a junior doctor at CWC in conjunction with my wife and daughter and force me to stay in IMH last year for my bibolar but the madhouse believe my wife and daughter that I was MAD.

    Do you know that Richard Benson and Steve Jacob were or is Bibolar. The 3 famous persons in Singapore are bibolar – KIt Chan the singer, TV actress, stage actress and the only singer who sang at NDP twice. Our ex 2011 Miss Singapore and the infamous lawyer who sued LHL for not calling an earlier by-election.

    These last 2 weeks CWC officers came to visit me at my home and ask if i wanted to go to IMH to see their Dogs. I told them i never have any dogs at anywhere in this world. Then an appointment was make for me to go CWC on 14th May at 2.30pm.

    This caring gentleman called me up again 3 days back to ask whether i wanted to see a Specialise in their Dog Home. WHAT is going on in IMH or the government Health SERVICES???

    LKY will take his last breath, no one will doubt it, but he will breath his last breath only when he sent away a black hair member of his family – That was the predictions done by outstanding fengshui or smooth sayer as some like call them – many around but who to trust or believes???

    I believe there is no Heaven OR Hell. Heaven is in the SKY and Hell is our EARTH. if we pray to SKY like most Chinese and Indian did, we are always blessed. Earth is hell when you suffer but is heaven when you enjoy. How many of you ready suffer in their LIFE and likewise, how many of you enjoy?.

    Many believe that when they are rich, they can enjoy – NO it is the opposite.
    The happiest man on Earth are the farmers and general workers, while the saddest are the CEO and people like LKS or BILL Gates. Bill have too many to GATES to look after, where he have the time to enjoy. LKS our richest Teochew, who still thinking which port to buy and which sons to love???

  43. 43 Arami

    There are rumors that this sick and evil old fart may outlive one or two of his offsprings……..Parent’s should not live to see this…….it a significant sign of a bad Khamma presently working on his past deeds, so to speak.

  44. Life is faithed and he is or maybe faithed to sent one of his family members.
    Believe me that LKY is and always will be a GOOD man to his country Singapore.

    Whatever have been done was by his Mrs. and as a henpecker man, What can he do. If you do not believe me NOW, just wait and see and everything will be clear.

    Whatever a sin that man make, it will be known in his death bed, just see how long he lies, that is the truth before he is gone. There is no need to curse him, if U does you are cursing yourself.

  45. When you say he is good, you are hurting the many people and their families who have suffered because of him.

  46. 46 Arami

    Evil Hairy Leech and his Cronies only treat it own party members good.

    The wife a greedy woman and he is hateful and live in delusion….both add up together…..the establishments of the Dangerous and Deadly Three Evils.

  47. My observation is Observer must be a victim of LKY, maybe as a politician, or men from Along or was under 55, whatever you have done must be illegal or sinned.

    Who suffered under him are just ignaren men of not value. CSJ is a pappet of the West, Those under 55 are giving trouble to kill Singapore with the bad deeds or ;unlawful ways,

    A good Along is GE the biggest company in the World and there use Singpost as their running man, whereas our Geylang along use younger who are out of job and need a puff to work for them.

    CPF was good until his son started CPFLife to cheap those who do not know. My bad experiences with them when it was launched shows that it is cheap all way to your coffin. I instructed my wife to buy GOLD paper to wrap my coffin so that when people sees me going into the funeral will say “Woh that man is rich as he burning Gold coffin and it was donated by our Singapore Government who give yearly money to his Medisave.

    Please note, how many people use the CPF to paid their medical bills and whatever balance that is left is take over by LHL for investments at Tamasake or cig UNLESS you know the laws of CPF very well but can you catch up with their changes that take place every other days.

  48. 48 Note

    You mean Chia Thye Poh has broken the law. Which law?

  49. Ask Chia Thye Poh himself, only he knows and other who think they knows are only thinking as the fact is only Chia will know.

  50. 50 LY Lim

    The clay pot fish head & brinjal curry was very good however I look forward to eating pepper crab in Jumbo. Although the road side drains had been cleared but the pavements were left untouched. There were some good news on housing about price slides and singles being able to buy new flats. Well done.

    There is plenty of talk recently about COE that many used car dealers were forced to closed shop due to new regulations. The latest scheme to obtain PQP at a rebate when replacing commercial vehicles registered before 1-1-2001 with new commercial vehicles that are Euro V Diesel-Electric, Euro V Diesel-CNG and Euro V Diesel compliant, or Euro IV CNG, Euro IV petrol-CNG or Euro IV petrol-electric. However it is not easy to find one now.

    Please stop going in this direction because it is making the situation worse.

    With new regulations, owners are forced to keep their cars for 10 years, it will slow down economy with lesser turnover. If everybody were to buy only 1 set of clothes and wear it for 10 years, clothing stores will close due to low turnover. Old cars will contribute to unhealthy environment.

  51. For people who needs a Car, can you stop talking about it. Use your KAR is better as it save our EARTH and you have your excercise.

    I start driving at 18 and arrive at 60 when i now get paid drivers to drive me around for less than $2.00 a day on 2 trips. I can talk on the mobile and read newspaper and sometimes take a nap. Can a CAR owner who drive himself around do it?

  52. 52 LY Lim

    Yes, so say by one who is probable too feeble and irrational to drive or maintain a driving licence. Especially now that one is forced to the hind sight of not driving.
    And yes, one did not criticise the needs of car ownership during one’s driving career between 18 and 60 years old.
    Perhaps one should take his prescription promptly.

  53. My licences are class 2 and 3 plus a Taxi Driving one which are all valid.
    My class 4 was surrendered when I REACH 65 as it is no longer needed.
    Have a car is a LUXURY not a neccessary . What we need in live is given free – Air to breath, Water to Drink and Lights to keep you warm and helps you to see.
    These needs you have to find or buy – a roof over your head which LKY provides with his CPF. The clothing you wear to keep you warm and the food you needs to eat to stay human and last but not least your EGO to owns a CAR for Luxury.
    If you can afford 1 or 2, buy it but you can ill afford, let others have a chance.
    The owner of 2 Rindley never complaints because he have 7 sports car to drive each a day and an eight car as standby if 1 of the other breaks down and there is also a 9 cars for his wife or girlfriend???

  54. 54 LY Lim

    One day the 89 years old cook decided to have a party at the food centre for his relatives & friends. Some of his closest friends have also decided to chip in for the party:

    Ah Loong cater for Char Kway Teow from Zion Road and Tiong Bahru Tau Huay.

    Wan Wan provide Kim Guan Guan Kopi-O with less sugar.

    Hen-nie offer Sedap Chicken Rendang and Thai Green Curry.

    Kiat Kiah bake some cakes.

    Jin-O brings Curry Fish Head.

    Law Wong and Nair will serenade as walking minstrel.

    LY Lim will personally prepare double boiled Cordeceps with Ginseng for the cook.

    The menu may be simple fares but it’s the company that counts. All are welcome to join in.

  55. 55 LY Lim

    As I recall during a recent trip to Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province, I was standing at the foot of Zhongshan Ling gazing at the inscription “博爱” on the memorial archway leading to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen mausoleum. After some contemplation, I went on ahead to climb up the steep steps to visit the late Founding Father of modern China. All 638 meters of it by my “kar”.

  56. Sorry, you got the wrong cook as he stop cooking many years ago
    The new cook is 61 but his mother never teach him how to cook so was his 1st wife and even his new wife also never teach him to cook.

    That is why his food is so bad and causes a relapse of Cancel causing by bad taste for FOOD.

    Zhongshan will be the most modern of China in the near future as it will be connected to HK and Macau by super highways.

    You actually was thinking to drive up the steep steps but you did not bring your CAR and have to use the kar?

  57. 57 LY Lim

    The table is laden with piping hot food ie. char kway teow, tau huay etc ready for the never ending and happy crowd.

    It is too bad the food ran out when you arrived, but the cook will prepares more food for you just so you will not go hungry. Serve you right for not wanting to take a bus or MRT ride over, even refuse to hitch a ride.

    It is ok to skip a meal but do remember to take your prescription promptly.

  58. 58 Note

    No matter what food, however hungry you are, if you are being whipped to eat, you will lose all your appetite.

  59. We are lucky or born lucky for Singapore never ran out of food. Do you think Singapore is running out of housing?

    History is now repeating itself like the 1996 rush when PM buy up houses when it was most expensive. Did you heard of ex minister owning 17 houses?

    Rumours can be true, but it was rumoured that the 89 cook went to meet his wife but was rejected and he came back as the registry forget to write his name – no true – another man have used his name and a person cannot die twice, It will be the death registry headace now to get the real name IN?

  60. 60 LY Lim

    Happy Birthday my dear ESM Goh,

    I wish you healthy body and great golfing days ahead.

    God bless.

  61. 61 Note

    Dictator worship of the most barbaric kind.

  62. 62 LY Lim

    I will be going to Tampines for “pot luck” party on Saturday and hoping there will be durian, satay, char kway teow and kopi-O.

    I also hope more people will join in the “pot luck” party.

  63. My brother recommended I might like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t consider simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  64. 64 LY Lim

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison, or in this case, it looks more like many men’s meat and one man’s poison.

    If the food is not palatable, perhaps one should get into the kitchen; roll up one’s sleeve and cook, instead telling about the food all the time. And one can also consider moving on to another restaurant to seek better food.

    Whiners don’t win, winners don’t whine.

  65. The problems now is our cook is too sick to prepare a healthy meals for Singapore.
    CPFlife is to keep all our money without giving us a chance to invest elsewhere and we do not know where is our money accept in the statements?
    SMRT problems and no one actual knows what is was and what is it?
    HPB is so sick it does not have a new head after the old head was moved.
    IMH have mad dogs and sent double bill for a single consultant.
    DBS banks return cheque without verification.
    Poly Clinic return good cheque saying the names must be written in full for a bearer cheque.
    MND said in it Grey paper that we will expand by going to the sea by I wonder where they get the sands and rocks for the jobs?
    Case, MCI, Fairprice, MOH, CPF almost all will answer emails with ‘will get back in 3 days’ or ‘out of office without email access’ and stops there.
    All these government ministries or government related company learning from the PM by using FACEbook to get feedback BUT need not Answers???
    So to win is not to answer, am i right Mr. LY Lim?

  66. 66 LaoGoh

    LY Lim (May 17, 2013) said:
    Ah Loong cater for Char Kway Teow from Zion Road and Tiong Bahru Tau Huay.

    Mistake here, I remembered Ah Loong catered for Mee Sium Mai Hum.

  67. 67 Please die soon

    I love these two quotes. So what if we wish Lee Kuan Yew dies soon? You Pappie dogs have to get used to it sooner or later.

    LKY will take his last breath, no one will doubt it, but he will breath his last breath only when he sent away a black hair member of his family – That was the predictions done by outstanding fengshui or smooth sayer as some like call them – many around but who to trust or believes???

    There are rumors that this sick and evil old fart may outlive one or two of his offsprings……..Parent’s should not live to see this…….it a significant sign of a bad Khamma presently working on his past deeds, so to speak.

  68. As i said, you are cursing him, that means you are cursing YOURSELF? is that what you like been cursed by others?

    Rumors or not, just wait for a few years and all the truth of WHO’s wrong doing have caused all these problems in our Clean, Green and almost crime FREE Little Red DOT.

    50 years have past and waiting a few more years will be good waiting and be patient and A!! truth will be on the CARD?

    Those good punters can now start a game to tell who goes 1st and who follows? OR maybe to make it legal let SP starts It??? and with the profits, our Sport Hub will be more GRAND.

  69. 69 Anonymous

    Landragon needs to stop leaving puerile comments regarding astrology, geomancy and technology. There is no religion to be involved, there is no need for worshipping. The apotheosis of the self proclaimed Minister Mentor and his party must stop once you realise what years of blindly following a brilliant leader has done to the intellectual capabilities of a born and bred Singaporean. Apart from it’s purported reserves of cash, what has our island really got going for it? Our sons serve in an army with a revolving door policy. Our universities are designed for maximum profits for foreigners. Is there anything that we, the native sons and daughters can lay a claim to? Yes! The freedom to starve and the freedom to be unemployed.

  70. 70 Grow up be counted

    What a bunch of losers. No one owes you a living. If you still cannot achieve given the settings provided by an efficient government, then you have only yourself to blame.

    Grow up for heaven’s sake!

  71. My photo was remove whereas the videos are still there. It was stated non religious as Micheal Jackson had tried very hard to promote PEACE & VICTORY with his V signs. But it was too much for HIM and he have to leave EARLY. Why is Micheal Jackson SPECIAL – a black becoming white???

    Mine is Double V which means Peace & Victory with only 1 hand and when 2 hands is lifted, it will have double the effects.

    The photo show me carrying the burden trying to help our TROUBLED World to come to terms with ourselves by stopping the FIGHTS just to man killing man.

    Arab Spring as the West calls it is an excuse to control the OIL only and nothing more???

    It use to be Christian against Muslim and Muslim against Hindu. Now a new trend just started by Buddist against Muslim. Religion is a believe for mankind to make PEACE but now turns out instead to make WARS.

    As long as the leaders are willing to sit down and talk as fighting never settles any problems. It mostly GREED that is causing these fighting But someone just create it for their own benefit for the fighting needs firearms which are mostly make by the WEST!!!

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