Lee Kuan Yew plants tree to mark 50 years of greening Singapore



Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew planted a rain tree at Holland Village Park on Sunday, continuing a what has become an unbroken 50-year tradition.

On the same day in 1963, Mr Lee planted a mempat tree at Farrer Circus, then a traffic roundabout, to signify the start of an island-wide tree-planting campaign.


18 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew plants tree to mark 50 years of greening Singapore”

  1. Lee Kuan Yew does a good jobs planting trees to save our EARTH and in 50 years must have planted 50 trees – RIGHT?

    Trees are living things that we need as there convert the air we breadth.

    But his son is SICK, he kills trees to take revenge when 1 tree killed a man at Bukit Batok Nature Park and the LAW say when you killed someome YOU are a Murderer.

    Trees of the same species were cut down mostly along roads sides that are vibisiber to your eyes – because there are Murderer TREES.

    History repeat itself recently when a road side trees killed a driving instructor.
    The news headliner that trees along roads are dangerous and should do something to it??? So far i have not seen any acts to kill all the trees along the ROADS.

    Please, we are humans and not GOD and everyone have to die, so the man who die at BUKIT BATOK is distingued to DIE and so was the driving instructer and they die!!!

    The Americans said there is BIRD FLU and millions of Chickens were murdered. Do you know that Bird flus were around since i was kid living in the Kampong and these chicken just die and i buried them.

    During the bird flu saga, maybe about 50 people die in the whole of ASIA but do you know that few hundred die everyday of FLU. and because the Amlerican said it is BIRD Flu we believe them. If my mind does fail me, Ministry of Health have to destroy millions of Bird Flu jabs after our PM learn that we were treated by the Americans.

    Please, please when you are so sick with a second Cancel, please retires and let able body minister take over. Even if you think you are GOD, how long can you stay and in this coming period that you stay, What does you expect to achieve. Sins have been created, do not create MORE???

  2. 2 Rational


    What is your point? You are so confused.

  3. You must be too young to understand or not Singaporean and does knows news of our country.

    Our PM is sick and he does things that he does not understand by killing nature while his father LKY work hard to SAVE the little RED DOT!!!

  4. 4 LY Lim

    It is good to see Mr. Lee Kuan Yew able to plant a tree at his age and did so before the haze got worse. Let us hope there will be some heavy rainfall to wash the haze away.

    God bless.

  5. 5 Note

    After LKY dies, I wonder whether Singapore, or at least LKY-style Singapore will last any more.

  6. When LKY left the cabinet, everything in Singapore changed for the worst.
    LKY will not be able to have a say anymore, but i hope he lives long enough to help rebuilt when his son left with a pile of SHITS.

    It is Shits to Singapore but maybe LHL thinks it is GOLD to his family empirer and although he is very sick with a relapsed CANCEL he still try to hold on to make more money for his families to manage???

  7. 7 Please die soon

    Landragon, you hope that LKY outlive LHL. That is very unlikely. Even if LHL is sick as you claim, cancer will take time to claim his life.

  8. Just wait and see, this will be seen soon. It is relapse cancel, not new?
    LKY paid $12 Million for his Karma while LHL paid only $300K?
    Who lives longer nobody knows but even if the young outlive the old, he will not be 89 – That is 4 sure? If luck is on his side 69 was his magic NOS?

  9. 9 Lan dragon

    Is landragon123 trying to start a new religion or cult? I’m sure the government looks at every comment on this website.

  10. It is say very clearly that it is no religious and my ideas is to get our government to look at it and make a comment!!!

    Now tell me if Sri BABA religious or our LADY who pass on – Both in 2012, Sister Teresa Hsu religious or SAINT of the modern kind???

  11. Talking about health, I have always wondered where the albinism gene in the LHL’s son come from?

  12. 12 Lost

    There are some logics in Landragon’s dissertation.

    He seems to know it is coming, meaning it will happen soon

    Let’s see.

  13. Albinism is from the LEE family.

  14. 14 LY Lim

    Why talk about albinism? What have albinos done to you? I have gotten to know several albinos and they are really kind hearted souls, who contribute to the community yet humble. So why are you picking on them?

    Are you perfect and without blemish? Do you contribute or are you a free loader? Or maybe you are just bored and looking for someone to ridicule for some laughs.

    It really looks like “Despicable Me III” in the making!

  15. You are right on the spot. It is this son who is helping his granddad to past his time with some pleasure as a grandfather as mentioned in ”The Hard Facts of Life”.

    Is there any mentioning of anything bad being albinism, there are god sent?

    Who you are are what makes YOU and nothing can change even if you try to change it.

    A PM of any country cannot change that country to his liking except for money sake and that is what happening in Singapore – our little red dot – hot but bearable??? with some happy moments!!!

  16. Land Dragon is my company name of 37 years and Patrick Boo is my name use in facebook and twitter also in The Economist.

  17. Do not change your name as there is a saying that those who never change their name KNOWS who they ARE!!! LKY use Harry in his younger days but give it up when he knows who is he NOW?

  18. 18 ASIAN PRIDE

    This is called Asian pride. It’s about time we drop all vestiges of western colonialism. It makes me cringe to look at some of the exotic sounding caucasian names adopted by our youth.

    BTW, we should also stop transposing our surname to the last place in order to confirm to western convention.

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