New book by former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew to be launched on Aug 6


ST advertising ST books again:

A new book by former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew will be launched on Aug 6. Titled One Man’s View of the World, the 400-page volume covers Mr Lee’s views on the future of the major powers and regions of the world. He also writes about the global economy and climate change, and reflects candidly on life and death.

The final chapter of the book captures a series of conversations between Mr Lee and his old friend, former chancellor of West Germany, Helmut Schmidt. The two met to discuss international affairs over three days in May 2012 when Mr Schmidt was in Singapore.

A team from The Straits Times provided research and editorial material, and conducted a series of interviews with Mr Lee. Excerpts of these interviews are included in each of the eleven chapters.

4 Responses to “New book by former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew to be launched on Aug 6”

  1. I believe this will be the last of his personal book about his LIFE and his Believes. Looking to read it and it will the second that i have read his book, the last being the Hard Facts of Life, which althought not written by hinself, It did give a true man of his WORDS.

    This been written by himeslf, must have an extra efforts to does his very best for the last time. This book will prove to his sons that LKY will always be better then his PM son, now creating a unbelievable HoHa of Singaopore system by trying to be better than he father making monies for the Little Red Dot. Example is to keep all our CPF monies in his pockets by starting CPFLIFE? And we do no know where our monies accept for the statements that you can print from the website, but that does not shows WHERE is OUR Monies.

    I hope he touch on WHY all windows facing his house have to be sealed?
    Why he sent a SIA plane to bring back his wife when Emengcy Amblance are plentiful? Wait for his book and comments further.

  2. 2 Lee JY

  3. 3 Note

    I also hope to know:1) Why did he work for the Japanese during WW2 instead of fighting them? 2) Why is his grandson an albino?

  4. When you chose to be a Politician, you know the out come. When you holds the power you decide who is your enemy or your friend.
    Why Dr. Chia got his award in Malaysia instead of Singapore?
    At 70 he is much younger than LKY and may be will becomes a Mendela of the EAST and since Communist is still in power in China, he can sell his ideas and maybe someone will buys it.
    What ever have happened to Nantah, it is still there with a different name and it is still functioning well. Many foreign students goes there to study Chinese and it is still running strong and getting better. I think we should not look back and think things have gone BAD and no one can tell if Nantah will better if it is what it was?

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