Kuan Yew & Badawi: Can their negative revelations curb Dr M’s influence in the Umno poll?


Malaysia Chronicle gives the first non-sugar-coated review:

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is more used to ‘dishing’ it out to his foes. The 88-year-old is seldom at the receiving end, partly because most people who know him would also know better than to cross him.

Mahathir is also famous for his selective memory, which is what his counterpart across the causeway – the 90-year-old Lee Kuan Yew – is also known for. Both men are notorious for their vindictive streak towards their opponents, whether past, present or even future.

So when both men who openly dislike each other began to trade barbs, it was quite expected and considered quite ‘normal’. …

While Kuan Yew cheerfully whacked away at Mahathir in his usual no-holds-barred style, nothing that he wrote in his new book One Man’s View of the World about Dr M was really new.

It was just Kuan Yew repeating his views in a more direct way than usual about how Mahathir’s misguided policies had and were still ruining Malaysia.


One Response to “Kuan Yew & Badawi: Can their negative revelations curb Dr M’s influence in the Umno poll?”

  1. It is interesting to read what LKY talks about Dr. M but when two Political Gaints cross BOW, it is free for A11 and it will be the BEST to come

    These were 2 stories about how they became log-headed and fighting for fame for DR. M whereas LKY fights for FACTS.

    When they have a 4 eyes meeting at Istana, DR. M was so excited that he declared to lky – We now have a national car called the PROTON and lky asked how much was the sellilng price and DR. M reply, maybe about $10K.

    LKY aswered OH that is great but do you know that in Singapore we do not have a motor car factory ‘but we sold our paper cars for $30K.”

    These is the second stories – at the price negosiation to buy more water after the !st agreement expire and after the price was agreed, Dr. M and LKY shake hands and DR. M said “Mr. Lee, the price we have agreed is SING Dollars” and that deal was busted. Please don’t get offended, these are stories or JOKES?

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