Lee Kuan Yew: Singapore’s low birth rate not my fault


Lee disclaims responsibility for the results of his own policy.  Malay Mail:

Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew has denied his policies were to blame for the city’s low birth rate, and said financial handouts for young couples would not solve the problem.

In excerpts from a new book to be launched later today, Lee insisted that the reluctance of couples to have more children was the result of changed lifestyles and mindsets, which no amount of financial perks could alter.

Despite a slew of so-called “baby bonuses” to encourage couples to have children, Singapore’s total fertility rate last year stood at 1.20 children per woman, far below the 2.1 needed to maintain the native-born population.

The former prime minister, who retired from politics in 2011 and turns 90 next month, rejected as “absurd” suggestions that his “Stop At Two” children campaign in the 1970s played a part in the decline of current fertility rates.

Fearing that a population explosion would hit growth and overwhelm infrastructure, Lee’s government instituted the tough measures to persuade young couples to have only two children.

The government legalised abortion, encouraged voluntary sterilisation and introduced disincentives for larger families wanting to live in public housing.

Large monetary incentives would only have a “marginal effect” in correcting the low fertility rate, he added.

“I cannot solve the problem, and I have given up,” he wrote in his book entitled One Man’s View of the World.

3 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew: Singapore’s low birth rate not my fault”

  1. 1 Lost

    Lee Kuan Yew is free to deny or dispute about the Result of his Stop At Two Implementation.
    Singaporeans who had aborted their foetuses will never forget the Harm of the procedure to their wellbeings and the cost incurred. More sorrowful is that most had and have to bear and live in regret for life.
    Denial will only make he people feel more painful.


  2. Ideas to have more babies to increase our birth rate. Will it better to help our citizens to marry younger. Anyone who marry before 25 will get a HDB immediate with 30% discount. When the first baby arrive within 2 years a 25% discount is given and another 25% on the 2nd child & 20% for the 3rd.

    The scale for other age group can be work out if this idea is acceptable?

  3. 3 LY Lim

    This article should be posted in Policy Not Set In Stone but couldn’t.

    The association represents more than 400 used-car dealers in Singapore.
    It is proposing that used-car buyers be allowed to borrow up to 80 per cent of the purchase price and for the loan to be serviced over eight years, instead of 60 per cent and five years under current rules that took effect late February.

    The rules were lifted temporary for a 60-day reprieve period from 6 April to 4 June.

    The association, which has been monitoring feedback from its members, said many dealers are suffering, with business dropping by at least 50 per cent since the reprieve period ended.

    Someone from Vehicle Traders Association, said: “New cars and used cars having the same type of loan curbs will (result in the) majority of consumers buying new ones. This adds more pressure on new cars, especially now when the COE supply is not enough. After the 60-day concession period… we can see COE prices rising tremendously, going as high as S$81,000.
    “So we urge MAS to consider making the loan curb different for the used and the new cars… (to) ease pressure on new cars and cool COE prices.”

    Above is an excerpt from CNA 13-8-13

    LTA wants all vehicles to have newer technology and be greener but some people like is only interested in used car industry and his action will turn Singapore from 1st world to 3rd world having more old cars on the road.

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