Lyon-Singapore Association presents bronze bust of Lee Kuan Yew


The cult of personality has taken form with a bust that resembles Homer Simpson.  At least Lee had the courtesy not to show up, but expect much more of this after he dies.  CNA:

The Singapore University of Technology and Design is now home to a bronze bust of former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

It is a gift from the Lyon-Singapore Association and the Municipality of Lyon.

The sculpture, weighing about 80 kilogrammes, was unveiled at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities in the Singapore University of Technology and Design on Tuesday.

It is a tribute to Mr Lee for his outstanding accomplishments to Singapore and the world.

The bronze bust, which is given as a token of friendship between France and Singapore, is intended to be an early birthday present for Mr Lee, whose birthday falls on September 16.

Its creator, French artist Nacéra Kainou, said she made it by referring to photographs as she has never met Mr Lee in person. She is the first person to make a sculpture of Mr Lee.



One Response to “Lyon-Singapore Association presents bronze bust of Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. LKY been the Arthitect of Singapore model of success is recognised by many Asean, China and the West. The BUST is a honor for his abilities to guild many new 3rd World to get out of their proverty.

    LKY is one of the BEST PM in the World and he only cares for our country whereas his cancel son PM only cares about his pockets. Corruption is illegal in Singapore BUT POWER corruption have no LAWS to stop and that is it POWER CORRUPTION of the highest volume???

    Even he is double cancel which by medical standard will be very and highly suffering with Pains or Discomfort but he looks WELL??? Ask ANGEL and you know the answer?

    If a French Lady who never meet LKY wanted to do a BUST for HIM, he is a great man and I have say before, HE is a walking SAINT!!!

    WE were guilded by 2 SAINTS so far – Saint Teresa Hsu & Saint LKY!!!

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