Lee Kuan Yew receives Lifetime Achievement Award


Sycophancy kicks into overdrive as Lee’s 90th birthday approaches, with an organisation Lee founded awarding him, but the man himself is absent.  CNA:

Singapore’s founding Prime Minister and former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was on Thursday presented with the Business China Lifetime Achievement Award in celebration of his upcoming 90th birthday on September 16. …

The event was an occasion to remember and recognise many of the initiatives which Mr Lee had launched over the years to support the Chinese community in Singapore.

Mr Lee had wanted to attend the event, but his doctors have advised him to avoid large gatherings as a precautionary health measure. …

Speaking to some 800 business and political leaders at the event, the chairman of Business China and president of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, Chua Thian Poh, said the ‘Singapore model’ developed by Mr Lee has been highly regarded and widely replicated.

The success of this model has helped Singapore play an instrumental role internationally.

Mr Chua noted that among the major initiatives launched by Mr Lee were the Speak Mandarin Campaign, the set-up of the Chinese Development Association and the launch of Business China in 2007.


One Response to “Lee Kuan Yew receives Lifetime Achievement Award”

  1. YES! Lee kuan Yew is the only man alive to receive this award but his not present was a letdown for he have to show himself more often to show that his is still up and running.

    His greatest achievement so far is that many of our ASEAN members and including China are using many of his policies to help run their country. The CPF that he introduce is too successful that his son is now MISUSING the CPF for his own rights and needs not caring about what the citizens thinks. CPFLife that LHL calls it is a “CHEAPED” insurance this is All out the suck the PEOPLE’S money forever???

    Medisave keep increasing and the excuse is medical cost is rising – BULL SHIT, To reduce medical cost is to introduce Health indicitives to help people gets HEALTHIER, but instead the HPB is 20 years old and still uses what the Americans told them more than 20 years ago – like eating less oil, less salt, jogging and running – ALL ARE BULL SHITS!!! and i can prove that???

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