Aspire towards Lee Kuan Yew’s total dedication to S’pore: Heng Swee Keat


Ignore the title, Tommy Koh appears to be the only Singaporean with a pair of testicles today.  CNA:

Monday’s event, organized by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, also coincided with the 9th anniversary of the school.

The conference was attended by some 600 thought leaders who included former politicians, academics and diplomats.

The views exchanged were candid and frank, perhaps testament to Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s personality.

He has attracted his fair share of critics, and forum participants didn’t shy away from hard questions.

For example, Ambassordor-At-Large Tommy Koh asked: “When he was Prime Minister, he had a practice of launching defamation suits against opposition leaders after each general election…was this practice by Mr Lee to sue opposition leaders for defamation a wise thing to do?

“When you look at other advanced democracies, I know of no other country in the world where after a general election, the victor will sue the opponent for defamation.

“In an advanced democracy, when an election is over, the vanquished will have the grace to congratulate the victor and the victor will have the magnanimity to forgive his opponent for all the unkind things the opponent has said.

“My question…is not that Mr Lee was not within the law, in suing opponents for defamation, he bankrupted some of them, but was it a wise thing for him to do?”

Singapore’s former Cabinet minister, Professor S Jayakumar, said: “There were defamation suits against politicians but it would be wrong to think he sued only politicians and it’s wrong to think he sued politicians after every general election to drive home a point that he (the opposition politician) should have not stood for the elections…

“Whether it was an opposition politician, whether it was the Far Eastern Economic Review or even a publication, say in Malaysia – he issued a defamation action against The Star publication and was prepared to have it tested in the courts in Kuala Lumpur.

“What is the point he wanted to make? He is prepared for a robust criticism of his policies. He can be criticised for foolishness, maybe even for incompetence, for arrogance, but his red line was – not on reputation and integrity.

“So, whether it’s opposition politician or any other source, if you allege his integrity, say, corruption, for example, he would want to demonstrate that that is a red line, you justify it. He’s prepared to justify his record.

“I know in other jurisdictions, in the cut and thrust of politics, all sorts of accusations are hurled but the threshold is different. But he wanted to establish a threshold here that you have people of integrity, including himself, in government, in Cabinet and they are prepared to defend the integrity.”

There were other so-called myths about Mr Lee that were rebutted by the speakers, among them, that the former prime minister always insisted on getting his way in Cabinet.

Professor Jayakumar, who served in the Cabinet for 27 years, said Mr Lee can be persistent, if not stubborn but he was always “intellectually honest”.

“If you can come up with a contrary view and argue your case, he will listen and prepare to change,” said Professor Jayakumar.

He cited the institution of the Elected Presidency and said that the final shape of that reflected the views of Cabinet ministers. …



3 Responses to “Aspire towards Lee Kuan Yew’s total dedication to S’pore: Heng Swee Keat”

  1. Saint Lee Kuan Yew is LUCKY to be 90 is only his believe BUT as a man who is afraid to die and did good Deeds and buying KAMA, i think he will have few more good years to his life and maybe becomes a Centurion or near too.

    Admitted his wrong and paying $12 MILLIONS for it is only done by great man who never view money to be important in once life. Looking after the HOME his grandfather left him and telling us to bring it down when he does not needs it shows that his care is for our generation and never buys himself a new HOME.

    He take care of all the needs in LIFE in his clean water policies by cleaning all our rivers and now make them reservoirs. Building cheap homes for the people until GCT makes it expensive by adding in flatted land prices and make us A11 becoming poor millionairs???

    The CPF was good for us to own HOME and leave some for investments if you care to do it. HIS sick son change all that by starting the CPFLife to suck all our saving back into his pockets without we knowing where is our saving except giving you a statment showing your balance which is NOT money at all?

    Having work all our live to make money for PAP to keep is not money as the saying goes – money is make to spend and use is call money and those kept in the bank or with PAP are wasted money as you cannot USE it.

    He start the COE to make cars expensive to help you use you KAR instead of the CAR as it is unnecessary to most people who does not need it but needs it to SHOW FACE only. In fact ERP was effective for the City traffic control until the PAP twisted ERP to go and Everyday Rob the PEOPLE by starting it at the EXPRESSWAY. BUILDING expressways with bottlenecks at slip road to cause the JAMS and imposed ERP to rob the motorists.

    He sees the need of Clear water and fight Dr.M on it and in the end we are the winner as we started NEW Water and damming all our rivers to give it a garden city with plenty of water(money).

    The one and worse mistake is supporting his sick son to build the 2 casinos and I hope he NEVER regrets it until the nails comes down on HIM our SAINT?

  2. 2 vree

    Weeds do not die easily. Have to use chemicals on them and they will die slowly and painfully.

  3. Vree, whoever you are, please have some respects for our Saint. Even if you hatred him do no curse as you are a man of no substance when you said chemicals need to be use, maybe on LHL as with second Cancel, many chemicals were already

    Please take note if do not understands. LKY is using a Pacer to live and all he got to do is just pull off the pacer and NEVER suffer. Not like his wife and his son who both got to suffer because of their different things they did in LIFE!!!

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