Lee Kuan Yew receives standing ovation in Parliament


Lee Kuan Yew turns 90.  CNA, in an article worthy of the Korean Central News Agency:

Singapore’s founding Prime Minister and former Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, received a standing ovation from Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers in Parliament’s Chamber on Monday on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

The standing ovation came after Leader of the House and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen delivered a special address to congratulate Mr Lee on the occasion.

Dr Ng noted that Mr Lee has been a member of Singapore’s legislature for 58 years since 1955 when he was elected into the first Legislative Assembly of Singapore.

“But it is what Mr Lee has accomplished for Singapore over that lifetime of service and struggle that is astonishing and without peer,” said Dr Ng.

On behalf of all Members, Dr Ng expressed Singaporeans’ profound admiration and gratitude on Mr Lee’s birthday.


One Response to “Lee Kuan Yew receives standing ovation in Parliament”

  1. Saint Lee Kuan Yew I like to call him because he think he is LUCKY to celebrate 90, NO i don’t think so and wish he have many more good years to his Life because of the good KAMA he did.

    We wish that these more years he is going to have is to right the WRONGS that is going on at most Ministries now. All these Ministries have flop in the ADMIN as policies in the PAP government now are to out sources everything as long as it save money. After out sources no one cares to check and the ministers do not know what is going on and when we emails them for answers there tell you a different things.

    No doubt that the more years for him is to enjoy in retirements BUT i know for SURE he can’t retire as the GOOD of our country is always on his RADAR!

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