Once China Catches Up–What Then?


Lee Kuan Yew opining at Forbes:

Barring any major disruption, the speed at which China is growing in terms of total GDP will enable it to catch up to the U.S. by 2020. China will then go on to surpass America. …

I believe that during the next 30 years the Chinese will have no desire to enter into a conflict with the U.S. They know they will continue to grow stronger, but they are also aware of how far behind they are technologically. They require continued access to American schools so their students can learn how to reinvent themselves.

What is it that makes Americans so much more versatile and innovative? I believe the Chinese have come to the conclusion that the answer lies in the differing natures of the two societies. Innovation and creativity are a part of the American culture, a natural trait of an immigrant society. But China’s is a culture of conformism. It is a 4,000- to 5,000-year-old society, with a written script that’s as readable today as it was 4,000 years ago. That script binds the people to their history.

Yet despite these differences, it is inevitable that the balance of power in the Pacific will shift to the western side.


One Response to “Once China Catches Up–What Then?”

  1. China will surely overtake America in term of economically just because the Chinese are always hardworking and that is why, where they are Chinese, they always ran the business there.

    The advantage of America is it is a multiple racial country with the mix of talent from all over the world, and mix blood people are usually better in talent.

    American have committed to many sins against other nations of the world and they are now eating their own PIE now. In this world, every country will have their share and now it is Asia to lead the world into the future.

    When I ask, Who will lead after the Americans are out, the answer is always China and i believe that will not be. Our world have only 2 Chinese countries and the other Chinese country will lead the world – that is Singapore.

    You may ask why and that is my reason to say so. Singapore is multiple racist and even now China have to come for education for the officials. Singapore is the DRAGON head as Himalaya is the only dragon on EARTH. It is fongshui whether you believe it or not.

    But the next or future PM of Singapore maybe not be Chinese as we let the best man win.

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