Singapore’s Founder Lee Kuan Yew Hospitalized


Lee Kuan Yew is in the hospital again.  As ever, Singapore’s mainstream media are relentlessly upbeat about his “recovery”.  Yahoo:

Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew is recovering in hospital after suffering from an infection, the government said on Tuesday.

Lee, 90, was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on Sunday after suffering from a fever and bad cough caused by an infection, his press secretary Yeong Yoon Ying said in a statement.

“He is currently on antibiotics and recovering. He has been advised by his doctors to avoid public appearances,” she said.

While foreign media actually assess the situation.  Valuewalk:

Singapore’s “founding father” Lee Kuan Yew has been hospitalized due to a severe lung infection. At 90 years old, Mr. Lee has become increasingly fragile in recent years, though he has tried to remain active in politics. Mr. Lee’s son, Lee Hsien Loong, is Singapore’s current prime minister.

The illness does not appear to be critical, but so far little has been released regarding the extent and nature of Mr. Lee’s condition. It is believed that he has suffered some sort of lung infection and is currently being treated with antibiotics.

While Mr. Lee has largely retired from public life, he remains among the most influential people in Singapore, and is highly regarded across the world. …

Lee Kuan Yew’s party, the Peoples’ Action Party, has slowly lost ground since Mr. Lee stepped down as prime minister. The last few elections have seen approval ratings for the party slip to their lowest levels of all time, while critics are becoming increasingly vocal.

Lee Kuan Yew is known for advocating the concept of a “corporate Singapore” that was very friendly to investment, businesses, and foreigners. While these policies drove the city-state’s economic development, they have also resulted in a growing gap between the rich and the poor, and a strict style of governance, sometimes called a “nanny-state”, that sees high levels of interference with peoples’ daily lives. These polices have now become a source of consternation for many Singaporeans.



2 Responses to “Singapore’s Founder Lee Kuan Yew Hospitalized”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    As much as I admire Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, I hasten to point out that he is not actually the founder of Singapore. That honour belongs to Mr, Stamford Raffles, later Sir Stamford Raffles. Indeed before Raffles there were what is described in history as “Hottentots” (whatever they are) living in the island before Raffles and the East India Company had it drained from swamp to walkable land.

    Some months ago, I heard LKY’s son state that “We built Singapore”. Again not quite true. Singapore was built before the advent of the PAP and apart from the CBD post-WWII, the highest building was the 7th Story Hotel in Geylang.

    It is completely wrong for anyone to claim that they founded an island or bulit a city in the first instance. The land and the eventual city is built on the backs of the very people who eventually did actually build it and who live in it. The accolades do not belong to any Imperial Power, neither do they belong to any Political Power or to any Political Party. All people contribute.

    More better to say, we all found it, or we all built it. We live here, we did it.

    The questions now which should be answered by Singaporeans of all persuasions is: “Where do we go now ?”, “What destiny awaits us around the corner when we run out of building land for our growing population ?” “Why is the cost of housing so expensive for our chiuldren ?”, “Why in a rich country as we call ourselves is their no age pension ?”, “Can we afford to get sick, can we afford hospital care, when we are so rich ?”….

    Enjoy life, without claims to ascendency.

  2. The right word is Saint Lee Kuan Yew is 1st Prime Minister of Singapore and it were his policies and far sight and with the help of the 1st Cabinet that made what Singapore today.

    On the contrary, it will be his Cancel son who will bring down Singapore to bad state if there is no one who can step forward now to correct it.

    When we are short of labour, security men are wasting times sitting at MRT & Bus Interchange chasing flies. They are there support to catch terrorist but may i ask how many have Our Sick PM caught so far except letting ONE off but it was Malaysia that bought him back. The others were also caught in other countries, never in Singapore?

    Cleaners morping floors in the bus interchange and MRT landings and stairways. What are LHL trying to clean but after 7 years trying to stop the Dengue, HAVE he done it?

    Changing MRT tracks and sleepers when our MRT is 20 years old. Please find out from other countries who operated Trains for 100s of years, do any one of them change tracks to upgrade or change sleepers?

    Laterly the PIE was widened to better the Expressways but why is the slip road not widened? It is to waste our money on the widening BUT keep the slip road single lane to create Traffic Bottleneck to ilnstall more ERP?

    If LHL or the LTA and the Health Ministries and it associates can give answers to some of my asking, than we will move forward instead of going backward NOW?

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