China Unfettered: Redefining The Rules Of The Seas


Lee wades into muddy waters.  Forbes:

A rising China is seeking to assert its sea-boundary claims. It is naive to believe that a strong China will accept the conventional definition of what parts of the sea around it are under its jurisdiction. This should come as no surprise, but it has been uncomfortable for some of China’s neighbors and other stakeholders, including the U.S. …

A resurgent China isn’t going to allow its sea boundaries to once again be decided by external parties. Therefore, I don’t believe the Chinese will submit their claims, which are based primarily on China’s historical presence in these waters, to be decided by rules that were defined at a time when China was weak. And China has judged that the U.S. won’t risk its present good relations with China over a dispute between the Philippines and China.

Why this sudden interest in some outcroppings in the South China Sea? What gas or oil can be drilled or fish caught around these rocks? Much more is at stake than rocks and resources. China sees the South China Sea as one of its key interests. A rising China is asserting its position by claiming historical rights to these waters. And the disputes, which arise from claims based on different principles, are unlikely to be resolved.

2 Responses to “China Unfettered: Redefining The Rules Of The Seas”

  1. What China did is to stop the Dying Japanese going do more damages by buying the Islands and annexed it. It is the declaration of WAR by the Japanese who still think there are superior.

    There are Mongolians and when we see a stupid kid, we call them Mongo Kid and that is what the Japanese are.

    There still think the poor American will come to help, but must release that the American cannot even help themselves by living on future borrowing to fund the wars in every corners of the EARTH.

    Wake up the SUN is burning and killing you for your flag with the sun is too hot for any country and claims you are sons of the SUN, the most stupid claims any man can made and that is the Japanese???

  2. The poor American just give a warming to China, both poor men stand next to each other in the TV issue the warning. Please for GOD’S, be reminder that the Chinese just tells USA, now I do not want to fight you or your Japanese son, JUST return the money you owe us and every thing will settle itself. Can the American afford to repay the DEBT? Same for the Japanese, If both countries are ask to replace their debts, BOTH will go bust.

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