Singapore’s Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew Hospitalized With Pneumonia


Wall Street Journal:

Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew has been hospitalized since early this month with severe pneumonia and remains in intensive care, though his condition has stabilized, a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said Saturday.

Mr. Lee, 91, was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on Feb. 5 and is breathing with the assistance of a ventilator, the statement said.

“He is conscious and lightly sedated,” the statement said. “His doctors are continuing to monitor his condition.”

Singapore’s current prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong , who is Mr. Lee’s son, said on Twitter that he visited his father this morning “to wish him a happy Chinese New Year.”

The elder Mr. Lee has suffered recurrent ill health in recent years. He was hospitalized last Lunar New Year for an infection, fever and cough, and was also in hospital in Feb. 2013 with what was at the time described as a strokelike condition.


3 Responses to “Singapore’s Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew Hospitalized With Pneumonia”

  1. 1 TongKC

    The Lord Jesus Christ binds the pneumonia and all ailments in Dr Lee Kuan Yew’s body. We reject you, pneumonia, and we command you, pneumonia, to dissolve yourself into nothingness in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ from all good health prevails, Amen.

  2. 2 No Rest For The Wicked

    LOL … the yang has separated from the yin, so the end is near.

  3. 3 LY Lim

    Dear Founding Father of Singapore – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    I will keep you in prayer, that God’s Holy Spirit be with you.

    I like to share the song I Love You Too Much – The Book of Life Soundtrack with you.

    And may the fragrance of Bread Flower waft around as you enjoy the song.

    God bless.

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