Lee Kuan Yew has died


Lee Kuan Yew is dead.  PMO:

The Prime Minister is deeply grieved to announce the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am. He was 91.

Arrangements for the public to pay respects and for the funeral proceedings will be announced later. 

40 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew has died”

  1. 1 New beginnings

    Celebrate with us c’mon! It’s a celebration!

  2. Yes! It’s the greatest news in the century. Obstacles removed for Freedom of Speech – basic Human Rights!

  3. btw… is he any difference than Mao Zedong? what a dictator!!! Now, it’s great to see you meeting up Mao in the HELL.

  4. “I ignore polling as a method of government. I think that shows a certain weakness of mind – an inability to chart a course whichever way the wind blows, whichever way the media encourages the people to go, you follow. If you can’t force or are unwilling to force your people to follow you, with or without threats, you are not a leader.” – this is the dictator who ignored People’s Voice!!!

  5. 5 opp

    you’ll be next.

  6. 6 leenomorefuckyew

    sooooo….lee kuan yew watch…. need to change to pinky lee watch since the old fart kicked the bucket…..or this page will cease to exist???

    i dun speak bad about the dead unlike pinky ass lee who took potshots at jbj…but karma did come back like a bitch and lky had to suffer up till the very end thanks to his clown ass son not pulling the plugs (or tubes)

    old fart lee is dead, he has gone to answer for his (mis)deeds. and i am pretty sure saint Micheal does not intend on letting him pass the pearly gates into god’s bosoms or even find geok choo (she’s not there, never was).

  7. 7 Anonymous

    Will we ever know the truth, so that the truth can set us free?
    Will there ever be a fair and honest reckoning of misdeeds, malfeasance and murders most foul & fecund?
    Will we ever have the courage not to cower in trepidation from the abhorrent, abysmal & appalling intimidation, insult & injury by those deplorable, detestable & disingenuous self-serving scum & their servile sycophants who lord over us roughly, rudely & rapaciously?
    Will we ever give voice to free & honest self-expression, and be able & allowed to hold our heads high, with minds clear & determined to say NO to oppression, opprobrium & ostracization by those who are supposed to help & heal but instead hurt & harass us hapless herd?
    We each have a stake and a right in the very country we are born in! We know no other home!
    We cannot!
    We must not!
    We shall not allow vile parasite bullies fattened from our exploitation & indentured servitude to leech from us anymore!

    For darkness has reigned too long and so must die… that we may live in the light – free from exploitation, evisceration & enslavement!
    It’s time for a new dawn!

  8. 8 TruthBeTold

    What ingrates … without this man, lets see if you would have the education to be writing such messages. OR be sitting in your comfortable little abodes with time on your hands to get on that high speed connection and post such complete and utter drivel!

  9. 9 thomas Tan

    to TruthBeTold

    Who’s the ingrate? Lee Kuan yew? or the people of Singapore?

    And if you like Lee Kuan yew so much, why don’t you go and suck Lee Hsien Loong’s cock?

  10. 10 New beginnings

    Other country dun have lky. How come they have education and broadband?

    I swear, some ppl think of lky as god. Aiyah, you go follow him lah. We dun stop you one.


  11. 11 Anonymous

    What shit. Lee Kuan Yew took away my opportunity to study.

  12. 12 New Beginnings

    And he gives scholarships to china guys, so that they can come here to call us dogs.

  13. 13 TruthBeTold

    How could he have done that? Also, for all you who are so unhappy about the country he made, the world is a great big place; you are free to leave for a country who has the type of government that appeals to you

  14. 14 Anonymous


    I paid attention in school. Didn’t you?

  15. 15 Anonymous


    To quote “We each have a stake and a right in the very country we are born in! We know no other home!”

    We have more rights than the miscreants who demand that we kiss their arse after robbing and abusing us.

    They are the ones who must be brought to justice and be made accountable for their misdeeds, especially the chief villain, his clan and his cronies.

  16. 16 Anonymous

    In the interest of fairness & equity, a National Service Tax must be imposed on ALL permanent residents and new citizens who do not serve national service, with the funds transferred into the accounts of all NSFs & NSmen, including those that have MR’d.

    PRs and new citizens reaping benefits in Singapore have to pay for the umbrella of protection by citizen soldiers who sacrificed their time at risk to life & limb.

    No free riders allowed in the New Singapore.

  17. 17 Ng Kok Lim

    Debunking the myth that Lee Kuan Yew “created” Singapore

    Dear Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

    I refer to the 24 Sept 2010 Straits Times report of the statements made by Mr Alexander Gorin during the visit of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to Ukraine.

    Mr Gorin reportedly said that MM Lee is a thinker, philosopher and practitioner who created a state and guided it from Third World to First. There are many misconceptions in his statement that needs clarification. Mr Gorin needs to understand that:

    1. Singapore wasn’t created by MM Lee in 1965. It was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. It was Raffles who saw the potential of our strategic maritime location. Raffles proved to be correct and Singapore quickly became an important international port of call which led to a thriving entrepot trade.

    2. Singapore has been thriving for nearly 150 years before MM Lee took over in 1959. Even at independence in 1965, our per capita GDP was already the fourth highest in Asia behind Japan, Hong Kong and Brunei.

    3. Singapore joined Malaysia in 1963 and was booted out in 1965. If there was anyone who created the state of Singapore, it was Malaysia’s prime minister Tungku Abdul Rahman since he was the one who booted Singapore out and thereby ‘created’ the state of Singapore.

    4. The supposed Singapore success formula of foreign investment led export industrialisation wasn’t the brainchild of MM Lee. It was the brainchild of Dr Albert Winsemius, a Dutch economist sent by the United Nations to Singapore in 1960 to help Singapore industrialise. Singapore went from Third World to First following Dr Winsemius’ plan rather than MM Lee’s.

    5. Between 1961 and 1965, Singapore did not pursue export industrialisation but pursued import substitution instead. Only with our separation from Malaysia in 1965 which rendered import substitution untenable did Singapore finally embark on Dr Winsemius’ formula. Thus, MM Lee didn’t act on Dr Winsemius’ recommendations immediately and only adopted it when faced with no other choice. It seems therefore that our split from Malaysia in 1965 was the key factor that led Singapore to adopt export industrialisation rather than some conscious decision by MM Lee.

    6. Singapore is not the only success story but is just one of four East Asian economic miracles alongside Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. You will not find a similar statesman extraordinaire responsible for the other three economic miracles. This shows that you don’t need a statesman extraordinaire for a country to succeed. If we were to ask ourselves what is so special about these four economies, there is only one obvious answer, they are all East Asian societies. Not only that, China too has been rising rapidly over the last twenty years. The Singapore success is very much an East Asian success rather than the success of any one man.

    Thank you.

    Ng Kok Lim

  18. 18 New beginnings

    Truthbetold, why you come here kaopeh kaobu?

    Also, for all you who are so unhappy about the the website we made, the internet is a great big place; you are free to leave for a website who has the type of content that appeals to you.

    Dun come here kaopeh kaobu like a bitch in heat okay?

  19. 19 LY Lim

    Please do not shut down this website yet as I will be back soon.

  20. 20 Anonymous

    To all the nay sayers here.

    LKY provided you with an opportunity to study, with a placing on the world stage. From 3rd world to 1st in less than a generation. If it was not for him, you guys would be in Malaysia digging drains for them and still struggling to make ends meet. All of you will face your karma and judgement eventually when you meet your maker, no one is immune from death. You will truly understand that you have bit the very hand that has fed you.

  21. 21 Joy

    Mother fuckers here are not Singaporeans. If you are please get the fuck out of Singapore.

  22. 22 Sporean

    Why our founding father is dead? Why the one who dies are not you all?Wasting every oxygen in the air and polluting the environment. If u dun like, shut up n get out of spore, instead of down here complaining. If you aren’t sporean, then the more you should shut up, because is none of your business. If you are, then shame on u! Your parents ask you to be disgrateful to ppl who help u? And there is one who say you can’t study becos of LKY, wat a joke, because you are stupid? Or you are incapable?! Dun blame ppl cos you can’t study? Go back to your home town, spore don’t owe you a place to study?!

  23. 23 Sporean

    You all better shut up, and stop commenting on LKY if you still want to work here or study here!

  24. Ng Kok lim, you didn’t read up or never watch tv, did you know why other PM or president of other countries pay respect to LKY, cos he gain sporean independence and create a lot of policies and make spore from 3rd class country to first class country., if not y a lot of foreigners come here for education? He not only a great leader, he is also a good Frds of all countries. He is selfless, as he sees spore as his home. Tengku see him as a threat , cos LKY is more capable. Look at msia n sporean economy, results tells all. I doubt when you die, all sporean will mourn for u. Please go read up before you comment.

  25. 25 LY Lim

    “The Sweet By And By” by SE Samonte

    to be continued

  26. 26 Anonymous

    Crap website which is not worthy of any attention or respect. Mr Lee was a great man who did much for Singapore and his memory will live on forever.

  27. 27 ProudSingaporean

    The way I see it, Mr Lee can finally rest after so many decades of fighting passionately for Singapore. He can finally rest in peace with Mrs Lee.
    Poor haters..
    Don’t worry. Mr Lee will still bless all of you as long as you are part of Singapore.
    Besides, who’s gonna care about some childish and ungrateful small dick pricks? I bet your dick is as small as your small dollar sized heart. Oops. Do u even have a heart? Maybe u guys do. But it must be black.

    The nation is grieving for the loss of a great man; one of those who did something for the nation.

    You did not? SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    #JUSTPASSINGBY #WONTBOTHERTOENTERTAINIDIOTS #HADSAIDMYPIECE #Noneedtosaysomuchtoidiots #kthxbye #yougetoutofsingaporeplease

  28. 28 AnotherProudSingaporean

    Ungrateful is the only word to desrcibe you and the bunch of so many others who won’t even spare a moment to let someone who worked till the very last minute that he could rest in peace. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t support him, at least you can have some kindness to shut up during this grieving period.

    And even more so, I feel thankful that we were not led by someone like you; who only hates on Sir Lee just because you felt that his policies deterred your own selfish gains and wants. Go dig your own well for your source of water in future and don’t ever drink from any taps because Sir Lee was the one who made it available for us.

    Hope your health sustains without a clean source of water.

  29. Hahaha, well said, proudsingaporean and anotherproudsingaporean. If those gossipers are so great, dun stay in the house that hdb build for us, dun drink the water that is meant for us, dun walk on the streets and parks that built for us! Pls, go n read or watch the video wat LKY has contributed, before you all kpkb here!

  30. 30 Doro

    Basic human rights? Ahh so you can speak anything You want just like now? Obstacles removed to being killed like Charlie hebo? I wish you were the one who was shot dead

  31. 31 Doro

    empty vessels made the most noise.
    You obviously haven’t traveled or known anyone or anything from other countries. You will be so surprised and guilty to say all these if you knew what’s going on elsewhere
    Maybe if you were killed by terrorists or died in the cold while living in the streets or shot dead by extremist you can find your freedom of speech for real (in hell) ? Why not? your mouth is so evil.

  32. 32 Anonymous


  33. 33 Ng Kok Lim

    Let’s see:

    Obama (USA) won’t be coming.
    Xi Jinping (PRC) won’t be coming.
    Cameron (UK) won’t be coming.
    Putin (Russia) won’t be coming.

    Seems he isn’t much in the eyes of true world leaders.

  34. 34 Anonymous

    From 3rd world to the 1st … AND BACK AGAIN! (except for dead fart lky’s clan and cronies, enriching themselves at our expense!)

  35. 35 Anonymous

    Doro = Sporean = AnotherProudSingaporean = ProudSingaporean = same piece of shit, brainwashed, braindead, syophantic fed on the vile venom of party againt people’s bovine excrement propaganda.

  36. 36 Anonymous

    doro, proudsingaporean, anotherproudsingaporean, sporean exhibits the blatant STUPIDITY, COWARDICE & GREED typical of the Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome.

    they are traitors of singapore and must be culled for the good of singaporeans.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    harry lee never wanted independence for singapore.

    instead, he wanted MERGER WITH MALAYSIA. he even cried when he got kicked out.

    to call him “father” of singapore is preposterous, laughable and utterly absurd.

  38. 38 Amos Yee

    Please watch my video🙂

  39. 39 Amos Yee

    Surley Sir Lee, huh?

    Well, I remember a Teo Ser Lee, ex-beauty queen and sister of Minister of State Teo Ser Luck.

    She was in Nanyang Technological Institute (before it became a uni) and did accountancy from 88-91.

    She missed the boat trying to hook rich heirs because she went around the block (a few times!) and got passed around until she became too toxic and damaged for the money class to want to have anything to do with her.

    She now ekes out a living being an etiquette coach. Is a nearing 50s lau aunty liao now.

    Time and gravity are enemies of women.

  40. 40 Anonymous

    The bastard is dead!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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