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The transcript of the Charlie Rose interview is now available: The Online Citizen has posted the interview in three parts on YouTube (part one, two, three).  Some highlights at Bloomberg: “The first half of the 21st century, a large part of it, will still be the American,” Lee, 86, said in an interview with […]

Full transcript of the Bloomberg interview on 29 April 2008 (PDF), courtesy of the Straits Times.  Covers the gamut: food prices, world economy, banking bailouts, Olympics, Tibet, Lee’s approach to the media, Malaysia and even a tantalizing question about the future successor to Lee Hsien Loong — with, alas, a totally noncommittal reply. LEE: The […]

More bits and pieces of the April 29 interview, with a promise to air more footage today. Beijing Olympics Air Quality to Meet World Standards, Lee Says Beijing will curb pollution in time for the Olympics, based on past efforts to clear the air for landmark events, Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said. … […]

Bloomberg story on rice prices in Asia, with quotes from Lee. This appears to use material from the April 29 interview with Bloomberg TV, but video of the portions of the interview covering food prices is not available online. Why? Soaring rice prices are less likely to cause instability in China, India and other major […]

5:35 interview with Bloomberg TV. Click on “Related Video and Graphics” to the left to launch video player. Analysis Mental acuity: Lee gives a lucid and convincing explanation of why GIC is investing in banks that have made massive losses. Delivery is slow, and there are occasional pauses while he searches for the right word, […]