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Lee Kuan Yew on bilingualism.  AsiaOne, with video: Singaporeans should not give up on their Chinese language, said former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at a dialogue session at World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention on Friday. He said: “Everybody knows you got to do English, otherwise you won’t get on in Singapore…you won’t get on in […]

88 years of Lee Kuan Yew.  AsiaOne: On his 88th birthday on Sept 16 , former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew launched the Chinese edition of the best-selling book, Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going. … Speaking in both English and Mandarin at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Mr Lee stressed the […]

Lee Kuan Yew on the importance of English.  Today: The choice of English as Singapore’s working language had ensured its survival, said Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Launching the English Language Institute of Singapore yesterday, he said that had the nation not chosen English, it would have been left behind. When Singapore became independent in 1965, […]

Lee Kuan Yew doesn’t do Facebook. CNA, with video: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has stressed the need for the country to keep pace with emerging technologies to stay ahead of the game. Speaking at Hewlett-Packard’s 40th anniversary here, he noted how technology “extends the reach of every country”. … The second strategy was to […]

Lee Kuan Yew opines on why Singapore needs strong government with hand-picked leaders like himself.  Channel News Asia, with video: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said Singapore’s policies are not set in stone. He said the ability to improve on what has been done and basic values like meritocracy have led to Singapore’s success. […]

Lee Kuan Yew manages to insult four nations in two sentences.  Today: But Mr Lee noted that corruption will be China’s greatest problem. Doing business in China requires connections, but Chinese officials understand that Singaporean businessmen are reliable and not corrupt. He said: “The Taiwanese are ruthless, Hong Kongers are shameless and Singaporeans are ignorant. […]

Lee Kuan Yew insists that bilingualism is impossible and that English must take precedence over Chinese.  CNA: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said Mandarin is important but it remains a second language in Singapore. So parents must be realistic in their expectations. Mr Lee was alluding to the furore which erupted after media reports that […]

Lee Kuan Yew states the obvious.  But what does China have if it’s not the rule of law?  CNA: Singapore’s Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, has said Shanghai must groom a huge pool of English-speaking talent if it wants to become Asia’s financial hub. Speaking at a forum on the sidelines of the Shanghai World […]

Lee Kuan Yew admits he was wrong.  Straits Times: ‘Initially, I believed that intelligence was equated to language ability. Later, I found that they are two different attributes – IQ and a facility for languages. My daughter, a neurologist, confirmed this,’ he said in an interview carried in Petir, the People’s Action Party magazine. Asked […]