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Analysis of Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew, intended for an audience not already familiar with the topic.  Foreign Affairs: Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s storied first prime minister, gave his countrymen two things that elude most developing nations: stability and prosperity. Now, a new generation of Singaporeans with little recollection of Lee’s crusade against poverty and […]

More from the Singapore Global Dialogue.  CNA, with video: Singapore’s former minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it is unlikely that Singapore and Malaysia will merge in the future. … “Najib has brought forth a positive view of bilateral relations and the desire to develop southern Johor, the Iskandar region, using Singapore as a kind […]

Indexed video coverage of the entire NUS dialogue is now online at AsiaOne: » Influx of foreigners » Do or die! » Social divide in Singapore? » Recycling HDB flats? » Reaching out to the needy » Lower CO2 emissions = slower growth? » Singapore’s national identity at risk? » Youths don’t know what it’s […]