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Interesting opinion piece in MalaysiaKini: It is very amusing to see how Malaysians (probably of the minority races) have spasms of ecstasy when referring to Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) in Malaysian forums. From across the border in Malaysia, Singapore seems like Wonderland and LKY like a benevolent god. … However, Singapore has problems at present […]

Asia Sentinel reports on the results of Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia trip. Lee Kuan Yew, the 85-year-old patriarch and minister mentor of Singapore, might have thought he was taking a pleasant eight-day valedictory lap across several Malaysian states last week, but it has turned out to be anything but. Not only did Mahathir release a […]

Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir Mohamed blogs about Lee: 2. But we already have a new Middle Kingdom now. During Lee Kuan Yew’s triumphant visit to Malaysia he made it known to the Malaysian supplicants that Singapore regards the lands within 6000 miles radius of Singapore as its hinterland. This includes Beijing and Tokyo and of course […]

The Malaysia Insider has an interesting series of articles on Lee Kuan Yew’s visit, his focus on Malaysia’s ascendant opposition and the UMNO reaction: Kuan Yew learns about how a Pakatan government operates Lee was also interested in the relationship between the PR partners and the direction the federal opposition was heading in. Sources told […]