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Lee Kuan Yew has a dialogue with students.  Article and partial transcript at TODAY: Even as he acknowledged that a political divide “has already happened” in Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew warned that this must not lead to a divided society because that will hit the Republic’s performance and growth. Citing how a national divide […]

Is Lee Kuan Yew worried about the Middle Eastern revolutions spreading to Singapore?  CNA, with video: Speaking at the annual Tanjong Pagar Lunar New Year dinner on Friday, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew emphasised that as long as Singapore continues to give everyone equal opportunities, the country will do well. … Mr Lee said: “To […]

Lee Kuan Yew is awarded a “prestigious” prize created just for him by his alma mater, Raffles Institution.  In his speech, Lee Kuan Yew praises meritocracy, especially the fact that in Singapore it apparently makes no difference “who your father or mother is”.  (Silent applause from Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching and the rest of […]

Lee Kuan Yew is back in action, once again trotting out his mistaken conviction that bilingualism is impossible.  CNA, with video: Mr Lee said: “The difference really is in the quality of the students, their background. At the primary stage, the choice is not chosen in a uniformed way. If you have a brother there, […]

Ngiam Tong Dow on Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew.  Originally by the Straits Times in 2006, but reprinted recently by Temasek Review: Q. With all this pessimism surrounding Singapore’s prospects today, what’s your personal prognosis? Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew? A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves […]

Lee Kuan Yew opines on why Singapore needs strong government with hand-picked leaders like himself.  Channel News Asia, with video: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said Singapore’s policies are not set in stone. He said the ability to improve on what has been done and basic values like meritocracy have led to Singapore’s success. […]

Lee Kuan Yew gives a standard-issue lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy.  Straits Times: MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has urged Singaporeans not to delude themselves that they are a part of the First World in South-east Asia. Singapore is situated in a region with ‘special features’ which makes it particularly vulnerable, […]