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Surprisingly frank analysis from Today: A rumour that former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew had died started circulating on Twitter at least five days before the National Day Parade, with journalists asked by just about everyone – friends, parents, the neighbourhood barber – about its veracity. And despite a couple of journalists’ efforts to debunk the […]

Lee Kuan Yew is not dead.  Photo from ST, and ZDNet with the story the mainstream media in Singapore did not cover: Singapore celebrated its 47th birthday yesterday and as I do most years, I stayed in to watch the annual parade on the telly along with my fellow citizens. But this year was a little […]

An interesting editorial piece on Lee Kuan Yew’s ubiquitous presence at National Day parades.  Temasek Review: For those of you who have watched last night’s National Day Parade (as well as previous years), you will not fail to realize a recurring theme: the images of MM Lee Kuan Yew either from the past or the […]

Still quiet on the Lee Kuan Yew news front, but he put in the obligatory appearance at the National Day celebrations.  Straits Times: Joanne ( HQ, 6:31pm): The audience has been practising a welcome drumbeat for the last few minutes as they wait for the Prime Minister, Senior Minister and Minister Mentor to arrive. They […]