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Lee lambasts the opposition again.  Yahoo! News: Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew says Member of Parliament (MP) for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Chen Show Mao has not lived up to expectations. In his new book titled “One Man’s View of the World”, the former minister mentor said that with credentials such as […]

Lee Kuan Yew changes his mind about the election results.  CNA: Singapore’s former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew does not think a more populist form of government would have to emerge as a result of the general election in May. Replying to questions on Singapore’s political scene at the Russia-Singapore Business Forum on Tuesday, Mr […]

More from the Singapore Global Dialogue.  CNA, with video: Singapore’s former minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it is unlikely that Singapore and Malaysia will merge in the future. … “Najib has brought forth a positive view of bilateral relations and the desire to develop southern Johor, the Iskandar region, using Singapore as a kind […]

Lee Kuan Yew replies to questions from the Sunday Times.  AsiaOne: ‘It cannot be government as usual. Both former PMs withdrawing from the Government will indicate that it is not government as usual and that the PM can and will revise and revamp his policies going into this new situation,’ he said in an e-mailed […]

With the opposition gaining seats in the general election, Lee Kuan Yew complains about the ungratefulness of youth.  ST: MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave his first – albeit indirect – assessment of the 2011 general election result on Sunday, remarking at a community event in Tanglin Halt that the younger generation ‘does not remember […]

Lee Kuan Yew suggests putting Singapore before Islam.  AFP: Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew has urged local Muslims to “be less strict on Islamic observances” to aid integration and the city-state’s nation-building process. Singapore has a predominantly Chinese population, with minority races including Muslim Malays and Indians, and Lee has always stressed the importance […]

And that “we” (who?) do not want Chee Soon Juan and JB Jeyaretnam.  Monsters and Critics: Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew justified the city-state’s defence spending as necessary to resist any possible pressure from its larger neighbours. ‘Without a strong defence, there will be no Singapore,’ Lee said in an interview published by the Sunday […]

Lee Kuan Yew speaks out after the first half of his Malaysia trip.  CNA: Mr Lee said no private investor would go into huge projects like Iskandar Malaysia and the proposed third bridge linking Singapore and Johor unless there is long-term stability in policy. Mr Lee, who kicked off his week-long visit to Malaysia in […]

And the Minister Mentor is back with another hyperbolic broadside. Straits Times: ONE freak election result is all it will take to wipe out Singapore’s success in building up the city state, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew warned last night. This could happen if voters became bored and decided to give the ‘vociferous opposition’ a […]