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A professor at NUS does a survey that’s studiously ignored by the government media.  AP via Winnipeg Free Press: Fewer Singaporeans consider the ruling People’s Action Party to be credible after the party’s worst election results since independence, a survey showed Friday. … Perhaps the biggest change since the election was the resignation of Lee […]

The Economist weighs in: SOMETIMES it seems that the founding father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, has spent more time trying to tear himself away from running the island-state than he did ruling it in the first place. Now 87, he was Singapore’s first prime minister, serving for 31 years until 1990. At that point, […]

The Temasek Review says what Singapore’s mainstream media won’t. There are some who think things will get worse if MM goes, and eventually when he is no longer there. Then, there will be no one to crack the whip. One can be sure, despite all his Act of God claims, he’s kicking ass over the […]

Interesting commentary in The Star: FEARED for his destruction of political foes, Lee Kuan Yew once predicted that when he quit, a new breed of quality politicians would come out to challenge his party. Today Lee remains very influential in the Cabinet, but his prophecy is prematurely coming to pass. At 87, the Minister Mentor […]

Move over Fidel Castro, Omar Bongo and Muammar Gaddafi: Lee Kuan Yew is now the longest-reigning (non-royal) ruler in the world.  The Star: The Lee Kuan Yew “era” reached its 50-year mark on June 5, making Lee the longest surviving national leader in the world. It was on this day in 1959 that the Cambridge-trained […]

An interesting opinion piece in The Star (Malaysia). With the retirement in February of Cuban President Fidel Castro, who also took office at the same time 50 years ago, Lee suddenly became the world’s longest surviving political leader. … Lee’s hold on power – especially the nation’s finance, military and the mainstream media – is […]