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SDP chief Chee Soon Juan reviews Constructing Singapore: Elitism, Ethnicity and the Nation (Amazon).  Wall Street Journal: The “Singapore Story” — the title of the first volume of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s autobiography — is that a mandarinate elite built a bastion of political and economic success on twin pillars of good governance: […]

The Singapore Democratic Party provides their own view on Lee Kuan Yew’s prognostications of the future last week. YourSDP: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew told the audience: “If you get capable people forming the next government, people who know what they have to do to make Singapore work, then I’m not worried. I’m not worried […]

The SDP’s indefatigable Chee Soon Juan courts defamation suits yet again by pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.  Part 1: There’s nothing wrong, of course, about making bad predictions. Let’s be fair, everyone at some point has made calls that have turned out embarrassingly wrong. Mr Lee has made, and will make, his […]

The Far Eastern Economic Review reports on how Chee Soon Juan has managed to put some pressure on the Lees. Under crossexamination by Mr. Chee during his defamation case in June, Minister Mentor Lee depicted the SDP leader as a political failure, contrasting him unfavorably with Singapore’s two elected opposition members of parliament, Singapore People’s […]

The Singapore Democratic Party notes the rumor that the PAP may call early elections next year.  They are not due until 2011, but the tanking economy means that it may be better to get them over with now than risk electoral carnage when the pain really hits, and as the SDP points out: Of course, […]

Yet another utterly unsurprising conclusion from yet another defamation suit.  Asia Sentinel: Singapore’s dynastic Lee family has again put an opposition party out of business, this time with an order from the Singapore High Court to the leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party to pay S$610,000 in damages for defaming Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong […]

Chee Soon Juan’s new book A Nation Cheated touches on the official history of Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP.  CSJ’s speech, as quoted on the SDP website: The picture that emerged was one not quite the story that I heard and read growing up. In a nutshell, the Professor’s [Tim Harper] account was that […]

Chee Soon Juan posts an interesting essay of sorts on the Singapore Democrats site: Tearing down the facade His words are explained, researched and re-explained, every jab of the finger or the bringing down of his fist for effect is broadcast, accolades are reported in greater detail than a doctoral dissertation, and every smile is […]

The Singapore Democrats have posted a series of audio recordings from Lee’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan. Lee lost for words (audio recording 1) There is no rule of law in Singapore (audio recording 2a) Integrity? What integrity? (audio recording 2b) In a democracy the public gets to decide (audio recording 3a) Is […]

The Singapore Democrats have published three parts of the transcript of Lee Kuan Yew’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan. MM Lee lost for words during cross-examination by Chee Why let reality get in the way? Objection! Objection! Objection! More heat than light though, and this exchange pretty much sums it up: Dr Chee: […]