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Reaction and analysis of Chip Goodyear’s surprise resignation from Temasek.  Asia Sentinel: Exactly what Goodyear was proposing to do when he became actual chief executive is not clear. Some suggest he wanted to move into resources, others that he wanted to shake up the managements of the local state owned entities which are a major […]

Lee Kuan Yew on Changi, complete with obligatory dig at foreign experts.  CNA: Speaking at the launch of the newly restructured Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Changi Airport Group on Wednesday, Mr Lee – who was instrumental in developing Changi as an aviation hub – noted that the economic crisis has seriously […]

Shawn Crispin offers up incisive analysis and even prods at the CPF.  Asia Times: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong faces Singapore’s worst economic crisis since it achieved independence in 1965 and some analysts believe his handling of the downturn will determine largely his future staying power as premier once his influential 85-year-old father, Minister Mentor […]

Lee Hsien Loong gets grilled about family connections, in a way that the local media would never dare to do. Some unintentional irony in the “not the way things work in Singapore” response there: it’s not that people can blame the Lees instead of the GLCs, it’s that people can’t (publicly) blame either.  Straits Times: […]

After his daughter-in-law’s untimely departure, Lee Kuan Yew “clarifies” his implication that current Temasek employees are incompetent.  Straits Times: MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has clarified remarks that he made last week about succession planning at Temasek Holdings. During a dialogue with business leaders last Wednesday, he said that Mr Charles W. Goodyear, a 51-year-old […]

Interesting article over at Today on the options of  Ho Ching, Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter-in-law, which manages to insinuate that she is incompetent, that her becoming a politician would be viewed as nepotism, and that the PAP’s vote-for-us-or-else tactics no longer work. But the Temasek CEO’s answer gave many of us a peek into a […]