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A column by Lee in Forbes, regarding views of China in the West and in Hong Kong.  Oddly, it’s datelined June 16, 2008, but published almost three weeks ahead of time. Two Images of China Huge crowds welcomed the torch parade. The usual pro-democracy demonstrators were outnumbered by crowds of ordinary people cheering on the […]

Full transcript of the Bloomberg interview on 29 April 2008 (PDF), courtesy of the Straits Times.  Covers the gamut: food prices, world economy, banking bailouts, Olympics, Tibet, Lee’s approach to the media, Malaysia and even a tantalizing question about the future successor to Lee Hsien Loong — with, alas, a totally noncommittal reply. LEE: The […]

More bits and pieces of the April 29 interview, with a promise to air more footage today. Beijing Olympics Air Quality to Meet World Standards, Lee Says Beijing will curb pollution in time for the Olympics, based on past efforts to clear the air for landmark events, Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said. … […]