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The final part of the Lee vs Chee transcript (courtesy of Martyn See), containing Chee’s lawyer M. Ravi’s cross-examination of Lee Kuan Yew. Ravi : Mr Lee, I would like to give you a quote, “Never chase a lie, let it alone and it will run itself to death.” Do you agree with that? That […]

The Economist adds its two cents on Lee Kuan Yew’s testimony and the mysterious case of the missing IBA letter. MEMBERS of Singapore’s government are notorious sticklers for legal exactitude. So it has been interesting to watch the reaction after the country’s elder statesman, Lee Kuan Yew—a British-trained lawyer before he became a politician—gave inaccurate […]

Martyn See, of Singapore Rebel fame, has completed a full transcript of Lee Kuan Yew’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan: Transcript part V : CSJ vs LKY Transcript part lV : CSJ vs LKY Transcript part lll : CSJ vs LKY Transcript part ll : CSJ vs LKY

The Singapore Democrats have posted a series of audio recordings from Lee’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan. Lee lost for words (audio recording 1) There is no rule of law in Singapore (audio recording 2a) Integrity? What integrity? (audio recording 2b) In a democracy the public gets to decide (audio recording 3a) Is […]

The Singapore Democrats have published three parts of the transcript of Lee Kuan Yew’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan. MM Lee lost for words during cross-examination by Chee Why let reality get in the way? Objection! Objection! Objection! More heat than light though, and this exchange pretty much sums it up: Dr Chee: […]

The International Herald Tribune gives a decent (and impartial) summary of the case: Critic confronts Lee in Singapore court With a deeply odd yet revealing quote from Lee: Lee expressed what seemed an extraordinary sense of vulnerability, even to the words of a lone critic, while his antagonist described a compulsion – even a mission […]

Transcript of Chee Soon Juan’s closing submissions in the assessment of damages for defamation of Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong, courtesy of Unlike reputation, character cannot be bought: Chee’s closing submissions Can [Lee Kuan Yew] not grasp the fact that no amount of wealth and power can hold back the silent voices […]

Day 2 of the Chee Soon Juan/SDP defamation trial makes the Oddly Enough column on Reuters: Singapore politicians hurl insults in court “He is near psychopath,” Lee Kuan Yew said of Chee Soon Juan. “I don’t think even Solomon would be able to mediate between a psychopath and sane rational people,” he said, referring to […]

On the first day of damages hearings for the defamation case against SDP leader Chee Soon Juan, Lee Kuan Yew made an unexpected appearance while his son, Lee Hsien Loong, was being cross-examined.  Lee Kuan Yew is expected to take the stand himself on Tuesday, May 27th. Singapore Democrat: Lee Kuan Yew barges into courtroom