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A more positive review from the Wall Street Journal: China already dominates Asia and intends to become the world’s leading power. The United States is not yet a “second rate power,” but the inability of its political leaders to make unpopular decisions bodes poorly. Russia, Japan, Western Europe and India are, for the most part, […]

Wall Street Journal on the limited impact of Lee Kuan Yew’s illness: News that Singapore’s first and longest-serving Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, is suffering from a neurological problem affecting his ability to walk is the latest reminder of the generational shift under way in the Southeast Asian financial center. The ruling People’s Action Party […]

Lee Kuan Yew interviewed on exchange rates and more.  Wall Street Journal: Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said a stronger local currency could help ease inflation in the fast-growing Asian city-state, even as he warned of a continued weak U.S. dollar–and potentially more inflation–in the U.S. Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with The […]

The predictably vitriolic official reply to the Wall Street Journal’s editorial on losing its contempt of court case.  The lady doth protest too much? The fundamental disagreement between Singapore and the Journal (and its sister publications) has been that you want to force Singapore to change its rules to comply with U.S. norms, so that […]

Two scathing commentaries on the Wall Street Journal’s conviction for contempt of court, both pointing the finger squarely at the Lees.  Reporters Without Borders: “Even if the fine is not colossal, the ruling very clearly shows that Singapore’s judges have no intention of letting the foreign media express themselves freely about the country’s judicial system, […]

Wall Street Journal Asia is fined S$25,000 for their “two decade attack on judges“, consisting of publishing two less than complimentary editorials (first, second) and a letter from Chee Soon Juan.  (Quick recap of the whole saga here.)  This quote from the Straits Times says it all, really: THE High Court on Tuesday fined Wall […]

The contempt of court case against the Wall Street Journal, triggered by their editorial about the Chee Soon Juan defamation case, has started.  Reuters, with a rather unbelievable quote from the attorney general: “Freedom of speech in Singapore allows a person to criticise government policy and the decisions of the courts. There is no fetter […]

LEEWATCH described this Wall Street Journal Asia editorial as “tiptoeing around defamation”, so the Attorney-General has decided to prosecute the WSJ for contempt of court instead.  This is similar to the Gopalan Nair case, where a blogger was arrested for “insulting a public servant”, not defamation. The Asia Sentinel has one of the few articles […]

The Wall Street Journal chimes in on the International Bar Association’s report. Lee Kuan Yew recently noted the International Bar Association’s decision to “honor” Singapore by holding its annual conference there last year. We hope the former Prime Minister, now Minister Mentor, takes equal note of the IBA’s latest assessment of the judiciary in Singapore.

A quick timeline of a bizarre flap that developed over the Wall Street Journal editorial posted here earlier. On June 30, Lee Kuan Yew’s press secretary Yeong Yoon Ying sent in a response to the WSJ where Yeong asserted that: Dr. Chee [Soon Juan] in open court then called the Singapore leaders “murderers, robbers, child […]