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Lee Kuan Yew in hot water over remarks on Islam again — this time for something he said in 2005.  AFP via The Australian: SINGAPORE’s outspoken former leader Lee Kuan Yew has denied calling Islam a “venomous religion” after leaked US diplomatic cables set off a furore in the multiracial city-state. One of hundreds of […]

And the WikiLeaks continue.  Is there a neighbor that Lee Kuan Yew hasn’t insulted yet?  Phnom Penh Post: Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew said Cambodia should not have been accepted into ASEAN due to its lack of shared values with the bloc’s founding members, according to a secret diplomatic cable released yesterday by the […]

More WikiLeaks about Lee’s foot-in-mouth syndrome, this time on Myanmar.  Washington Post: Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew considered Myanmar’s junta leaders “stupid” and “dense,” according to classified U.S. documents released this week by WikiLeaks. The Singapore leader said dealing with Myanmar’s military regime was like “talking to dead people,” according to a confidential briefing on […]

WikiLeaks reveals Lee Kuan Yew’s less than diplomatic thoughts on North Korea, Taiwan and China, in a US diplomatic cable dating from May 2009.  The Guardian: 7. (S) MM Lee said he wishes the USG well in its efforts on North Korea, but he would be surprised if the North Koreans agree to give up […]